8 thoughts on “The Office: The Farm deleted scenes”

  1. I recognized the actor who plays Dwight’s uncle – he’s been in lots of shows – and I wondered why he didn’t have any lines. They must have had to cut so much.

    I think it would be great if they had the complete episode of The Farm on the DVD as an extra – it would be wonderful to see the full episode of the pilot as Paul Lieberstein envisioned it! (And to have his director’s commentary on it!)

  2. I really liked these scenes and wished they included them. I really liked this episode. I wish Nbc picked up The Farm. When they first announced it I was excited for it. When they didn’t pick it up I was disappointed. I hope that everyone sees how good of a show it would have been. A couple people earlier said they wanted to start a group that would make Nbc rethink about The Farm and I would happily join and everyone else should too. :)

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