1. first comment! OMG!!!! pams gonna negotiate with roy to not kill jim!!!! hmmm…neither of them look happy in this pic

  2. hm. i wonder where they are.
    AH! this looks like pam negotiating with Roy…
    their episode titles always have more than one meaning.

  3. um… I hope she’s breaking things off with Roy… But ne1 else thing that he looks freakin hot in this pic?

  4. Uggh! in the other ones of pam and roy, they look so happy. i’m with the rest of you. I’m thinking they are making a negotiation, not fun.

    jan looks of so happy=P

  5. Please tell me I’m freaking out for no good reason! **Deep breath — Calmer head** It looks like they are having a serious discussion. I agree with abby, Pam looks like she’s trying to let Roy down easy. Roy looks a little worried and even a little upset as he’s listening. He might be trying to get her back and Pam isn’t biting. The JAM optimist in me has to believe this!

  6. I am always up for a nice double entendre – The Negotiation, indeed. Also, thanks to the monster format on Sparklies, we know that there are NO substitutions allowed on the Hungry Fox’s breakfast special! Now, how can we overanalyze THAT detail?

  7. I’m thinking that the happy ones are of the actors, not the characters. Judging by the fact that they are looking at the photographer, I’m guessing they were just posing for pictures in between takes or something.

  8. I was hoping they’d never speak to each other again. We all know that JAM will never happen. The mere fact Roy and Pam are talking is too much. *gulp*

  9. Michael and Toby sitting next to each other… that NEVER happens. Something is majorly up.

  10. Apart from the JAM, did anybody notice that Michael and the woman sitting with him on the couch are wearing the same suit?

  11. This really isn’t fair. I lost all sense of rationality and thought that all my questions would be answered tomorrow…*longing*

  12. Tanster, you saw this episode filming! PLEASE tell me that this isn’t a Roy/Pam reconciliation!

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