1. oh that Dwight…

    I still think Roy is getting canned for attempting to attack Jim at the workplace though

  2. I am NOT watching these! Must resist!
    AH! It’s going to be so hard since these came so early.
    (haha, that’s what she said)


    I almost wish I didnt see that. ALmost, but now I can sleep at night.

    Big D all the way

  4. and that my friends is how you take care of business. or people who wanna beat you up…either way- it gets the job done.

    go dwight!!

  5. OMG!!! okay, well that answers some questions….dangit…shouldnt have watched that though….now i know…pooop

  6. My connection speed is so slow these days it will probably air on tv before it downloads on my computer..!! But hey..I’m gonna give it a try!!

  7. I broke down and watched the second clip. Wow.
    Jim has a lot of explaining to do to Karen now.

    I don’t feel bad about watching them since it added up to about 2 minutes of a 40 minute episode.
    Is it April 5 yet?

  8. That was my rationale for watching the clips. It was only a couple of minutes out of a super-sized episode so it wasnt a big chunk unlike what happened with Phylis’ Wedding where the whole episode was shown besides the RAM hook-up.

    Plus its been a long 5 weeks…

  9. Dwight is the greatest. 8 yrs of preparation really paid off.

    yay fictional jim halpert likes watching the phillies too!

  10. Jim is being a tool.
    He needs to “grow a pair” (Angela) and talk to Pam.
    Maybe he does in this episode…
    but if he doesn’t or is a complete jerk to Pam, he’s going on my hit list.
    No joke.

    And Karen is NOT an awesome girlfriend. I WOULD rather watch a game than be with her….even if she is good looking and smart.

  11. The last two clips were a mistake by NBC. They never should have put those two out. The Roy attack on Jim was the big hook that was going to get people to watch. Now we know what happens so it would but as much of a shock.

  12. So that explains the mystery in the scene of which we saw only a blip of before…I refer to Roy’s attempt to punch Jim. Kind of left me feeling sad. And, sorry, but if the insufferable Rashida Jones continues on much longer, I may tune out. “Yew don’t wanna go out with yer awwesome gurlfriend; yew’d rather watcha Phillies gaaame.”

    She’s worse than Holly Woodlawn. Good grief.

  13. i really cant believe NBC would destroy all the buzz they created with that previous youtube video….bad marketing i say..unless theres somehting even bigger going on

  14. I agree they should never have put the aftermath clips up, they had people really excited up to now.

  15. Does anyone know a way to view these without them constantly stopping or freezing? I’m getting super frustrated. :(

  16. I dont know

    It seems Roy is hell-bent on getting back at Jim no matter what. They never let any big spoilers loose in the yahoo clips and they are always in the beginning portion of the episode so there could be more to it

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