The Office: The Promotion, 6.03

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The Office

Writer: Jennifer Celotta, Director: Jennifer Celotta

Summary (NBC): David Wallace breaks the bad news that not everyone will get a raise this year. Dwight reaches his breaking point with Jim and looks to the rest of the office for allies. Pam would like cash instead of wedding gifts.

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In a poll conducted October 1-5, Tallyheads rated this episode: 6.90/10

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The Office The Promotion quotes

Jim: Where’s the “please”? We’re not animals.

Jim: I’m just going to write “held back tears.”

Dwight: $18,000 and a chance at the title. OOH HAH!

Stanley: Can I also be a boss?

Oscar: Where would Catholicism be without the popes?

Michael: To be fair, Jimothy … that sounds weird. Are you okay with being called Jim?

Michael: I can be very surprising.

Pam: Why doesn’t Crate and Barrel let you register for a toaster full of cash?

Stanley: “If you don’t smell this, you’re fired.”

Michael: That is not the way I heard it.

Kelly: I love rivalries. Michael or Jim. Paris or Nicole. Heidi or LC.

Michael: This is Michael, Senior Co-Manager.

David: Michael, are you texting me?

Michael: All I can see is how big and gross the pores on your nose are.

Michael: You use your brain too much.

Michael: Sometimes the smartest people don’t think at all.

Michael: Con: you unzip your pants and you find that there’s a calculator down there.

Jim: This tiny sliver here is “Critical Thinking.” I made it bigger so that you could see it.

Kevin: In the memo line, I’m going to write “To love’s eternal glory.”

Pam: Oh look! “Mrs. Pam Halpert”!

Michael: Omigod are you going to make another pro and con list? I’m going to kill myself.

Michael: I can see it in your crusty little eyes that you are going to make everything perfect.

Michael: Why don’t you tell me what those are, Jim. Why don’t you enliven me.

Michael: Okay, Skippy, here we go.

Michael: This had better be terrible.

Oscar: It’s because Jim wants to give the raises to his friends and the people he sleeps with.

Kelly: What the hell? Why are you being such a jerk?

Kelly: How is that going to repair Ryan’s car?

Dwight: Her kid needs shoes, Jim!

Jim: Wow. I’m just going to rewind and back off a bit.

Michael: These are the people who will open their hearts to you. They all have heart-ons for you.

Phyllis: This isn’t a game you know, it’s our livelihood!

Dwight: People are starting to notice how terrible Jim is. It’s great.

Dwight: They determine our worth by putting beans on our faces.

Kevin: What does a bean mean?!

Jim: Michael’s my only friend left in the office. Except Pam. I think.

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  1. that was funny, but jeez… bit of a downer!! it made me sad :[ i don’t like it when the office makes me sad. but OMG THAT WEDDING PROMO AT THE END…. I CRIED.

  2. Best episode in a LONG while! I laughed out loud alot and uncontrollably often. The best scene was the next to last, with the mugs and the great camaraderie. Much better than that episode where Jim changes the birthday celebrations.

    Also, Jim’s office is a new construction, yes? Pretty official.

  3. Wow, definitely one of my favorites since season 3, definitely on the level of those classic episodes. All gauges were firing tonight, really re-established my love for the office.

  4. not as funny as the first two this season but still good. dwight’s speech to rally the troops was fantastic.

  5. Best episode of the season. Had a mix of season one realism and pessimism and season four and five craziness. Different, but good. This whole entire season has been different, but really good. I loved season five but this is better.

  6. I agree that this was one of my least favorite episodes of the series. Everyone was so negative and it just didn’t feel like comedy. But the wedding promo at the end, OMG UNBELIEVABLE. I almost lost it. Can’t wait.

  7. I liked it…And I like that they built a new office for Jim…But my mom is convinced that it’s always been there.

    As much as I am against the JAM wedding, I really did like that wedding promo. It made me happy :)

  8. ugh. not good.

    i went into it thinking ‘okay, this will be another ‘story-arc’ episode, where this conflict will be resolved with a shift in the co-manager situation’.

    not ONLY did they leave it unresolved, but it was just upsetting and the Dwight thing was maybe mildly amusing. despite a few cute lines, least favorite episode in a while.

  9. What a depressing episode!
    Step down Jim! Jerk Jim is back!

    Definitely one of the worst episodes EVER.

  10. I appreciate the writers moving towards more office-related storylines as opposed to the relationship stories from seasons 4 and 5 but come on. It needs to have a lot more laughs than that.

  11. I liked the episode. I know it wasn’t the funniest or the best episode ever, but I thought it was great. And, yeah, I cried watching the wedding promo !!

  12. I’m really not liking the new interactions between characters. It seems like the new episodes haven’t really explored the other characters (we have hardly seen Erin and Andy!).

    I was more sad this episode than happy I think!

    I really, really hope they find their groove!

  13. That wedding promo at the end had me in tears. Oh wow…wow. I cannot wait for next week.
    But besides that making my day, this episode was really good, it felt very real. Not lovin’ Jim’s office though

  14. I agree with ThirstySchruteBaby. This episode was simply awful. Pointless arguments polluted its majority. They could have simply shown the last three minutes and it would’ve sufficed. So far this co-manager plot line is doing nothing but creating unnecessary confusion.

    I’m really hoping this wedding episode will be a step in the right direction.

  15. After seeing that promo for next week, i don’t even remember what this episode was about.

  16. I didn’t like how it felt kind of unresolved. I was waiting for them to say they’d give everyone a small bonus and Jim and Pam to make up or something.

    But I love the awkward part where Jim ‘rewinds’ and Michael goes “good one!” or something like that.
    Plus that promo for the wedding at the end was so sweet when he says “I knew I was waiting for my wife.”

  17. With the exception of a few scenes (notably Michael’s gift to Jim), I didn’t enjoy this episode too much. However, that promo at the end made up for the whole thing. Instant, projectile tears. Still tearing up ten minutes later, just thinking about it. Next week can’t come soon enough; I’ve never anticipated bawling my eyes out so eagerly in my life!

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