The Office: The Search, 7.15

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The Office: The Search

Writer: Brent Forrester, Director: Michael Spiller

Summary (NBC): When Jim gets an emergency phone call from Helene, he is forced to leave Michael in the bathroom of a gas station. Meanwhile, Holly, Erin, and Dwight set out on a journey to find Michael. Back at the office, Pam’s artwork starts a captioning contest that seems to offend Gabe. Guest stars: Amy Ryan, Linda Purl.

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In a poll conducted February 3-7, 2011, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.81/10

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The Office The Search quotes

Ryan: I don’t think I should be married to you anymore.

Kelly: We got really wasted, and it just felt right.

Ryan: We are getting divorced, Andy! This is such a raw time!

Ryan: I don’t want to be married until everyone can be married.

Oscar: You know what, Ryan? I talked to the other gay guys, and we’re okay with it. We all agreed it’s fine for you to get married.

Michael: Why does the sun rise in the morning? Why do magnets stick together? Because everybody says so. Everybody.

Jim: You have a better chance if you think Bob Vance.

Erin: Her personality is like a 3, her sense of humor is a 2, her ears are like, a 7 and a 4. Add it all up and what do you get? 16. And he treats her like she’s a perfect 40. It’s nuts.

Michael: My feelings don’t matter to you. What matters to you is your precious speed limit.

Michael: Sex different after the baby, Jim?

Michael: What part of “I need to pee” do you not understand?

Michael: I’m upset, my bladder is full, there’s no telling what I might do. Right now. All over the inside of your precious little car.

Pam: I will put out an APB. Otherwise known as an “Ask Pam Beesly.”

Michael: You don’t have my numbers on speed dial!

Michael: I am going to take this opportunity to go walkabout.

Dwight: Problem solved, everyone! Space Orphan and Princess Nincompoop are off to rescue Michael.

Dwight: You drive. I got a car full of fox meat.

Pam: “I’m a suck-suck-suckety Sabre!”

Darryl: Not once have I used the real captions to Family Circus.

Andy: Oh, it is on like Genghis Khan wearing Sean John in Bhutan!

Erin: He answers to Michael, Michael G. Scott, Michael J. Fox, Mr. Fox, The Incredible Mr. Fox…

Holly: You don’t think he’d walk by that bakery just for the smell of it?

Dwight: Don’t get a swelled head. You’re no tracker.

Michael: You guys are so beautiful. You’re so colorful. I wish I could understand you! That’s a metaphor, I guess.

Michael: You are disgusting! You’ll never find love.

Dwight: Pam, I’m obviously going to get that stuff for you. So just shut up!

Kevin: Okay, it’s two giant dogs, with two giant palm trees, on a regular-sized island.

Darryl: Gabe, tell us your stupid rules so we can start the game.

Gabe: I like to use Sticky Quips as regular post-it notes when I’m in a fun mood. Not every day.

Gabe: Go get ’em. Start quipping!

Michael: Instead of throwing them all away later, why don’t you throw one away now into my mouth?

Erin: Orville Tootenbacher? That’s Michael’s millionaire character that farts popcorn!

Waiter: You have no money but you dined, and you dined so much!

Dwight: Uncanny. Put a pin in that.

Dwight: This way, this way, this way? I don’t know. Do you know?

Darryl: You crushed our spirits, Gabe.

Darryl: It takes a lot to destroy the creativity of a whole group of people.

Sticky Quip on Gabe’s back: “I’m a doosh”

Angela’s caption: “Is that a palm tree or did Gabe get skinnier? Either way, let’s pee on it.”

Angela: Please. It was easy once I decided I wanted the dog to piss on Gabe.

Dwight: Tap into your common mind and tell us what he would do next.

Dwight: I’m deep below the ocean’s surface in a submarine. A torpedo’s coming right at me. No, damn it, that’s just my own imagination. Maybe he’s bowling.

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