The Office: The Target, 9.08

Thursday, November 29th, 2012 | 82 comments


The Office: The Target

Writer: Graham Wagner, Director: Brent Forrester

Summary (NBC): Angela discovers the truth — Angela discovers her husband’s affair with Oscar and goes to Dwight for help. Jim needs a favor from Stanley and Phyllis who milk it for all it’s worth. Pam begins painting her mural in the warehouse but gets distracted by Pete who is building a tower of complaint cards.

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  • Chris Gethard plays Trevor.
  • The tag, in which Dwight and Angela ask Toby all sorts of sex-related questions, is a callback to a scene from the Season 2 episode, Sexual Harassment, in which Dwight asks Toby, “Where is the clitoris? On a website, it said at the crest of the labia. What does that mean? What does the female vagina look like?”


In a poll conducted November 29-December 3, 2012, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.19/10

The Office The Target quotes

Oscar: If she’s cold and awkward and cruel to me, then great, it’s business as usual.

Oscar: I guess the universe rewards true love.

Dwight: Well, well, well. It’s finally happened. Pam has ceased caring.

Meredith: Queen of the primer, that one.

Pam: Last week, Jim wasn’t there, and they name the company Athlead.

Pete: Don’t give me a pointless office chore, because I will build a little paper house. Fight the power.

Dwight: If I’m not in your panties, I don’t go vigilantes.

Kevin: No not taller this way, taller this way.

Kevin: He’s a sweet kid, Darryl, but he’s not the sharpest guy in the drawer.

Dwight: This documentary crew has been following our every move for the past nine years, but I don’t see them so I think we are good.

Pam: I’m going to limit myself to one shrub.

Hide: You paint wall now?

Trevor: So what’s the job?
Angela: Murder.

Dwight: A woman with damaged knees can’t scrub worth a damn.

Stanley: Not enough lobster. Side order.

Phyllis: How much wine do you have?

Nellie: You salty dog.

Darryl: What can I say. A player’s gotta play.

Darryl: Actually, that was the sound of me eating spaghetti. But I’m going to let them think the other thing.

Pete: If you’re afraid of screwing up, this tower’s not for you.

Phyllis: Sometimes when I look at my hands, I don’t even recognize them.

Phyllis: Whose hands are these?

Meredith: You wouldn’t fart on a butterfly.

Dwight: Hello again, naughty nostrils.

Dwight: There are a bunch of construction workers in the warehouse without their trousers, drinking diet sodas.

Meredith: Yahtzee.

Trevor: I might puke, but I’m going to do this.

Creed: Remember, you’re a scumbag. So think scummy thoughts. Like this.

Pam: Your mama is so fat, when she wears red, people yell, “hey Kool-Aid.”

Dwight: You’re not stupid. Jazz is stupid.
Angela: Jazz is stupid! I mean, just play the right notes!

Dwight: You’re going to be okay, monkey.

Stanley: I did enjoy grinding your beans, son.

Dwight: Where does gayness come from, and how it is transmitted?
Angela: My pastor said it can come from breastfeeding.

Angela: What is it called when two men intertwine their penises, like the snakes on the medic alert bracelet? Is it called red vining?

Dwight: Where are gay men’s vaginas?
Toby: They don’t have vaginas. They’re just regular men.

Dwight: When two gay men have sex, how do they know whose penis will open up to accept the other person’s penis?


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  1. 82. markmyers  

    I must just be disconnected. I don’t understand how anyone, particularly if they watched the Office-rich (key word: office, like, reminiscent of office life) and character rich and comedy rich early seasons, and remotely be engaged by episodes like this one. Angela hires a hitman who comes to bash Oscar who slept with her gay Senator husband, only to fail miserably in a lackluster moment and be consoled by Dwight. Just….ABSURDLY unrealistic. Additionally, everyone is always out of character (written that way) it seems on at least half the episodes. Stanley and Phyllis milking Jim, who is working for his family, as much as they can??? When did everyone in the office start getting along despite each treating nearly every other member like GARBAGE?!!

  2. 81. DonovanInfinity  

    Loved this episode. Angela, Dwight & Toby’s scene had me in tears. Also, when Dwight threw Angela in the van, I was reminded of her Dundie award from Season 2. Michael Scott was right on the money.

  3. 80. Matthew D  

    I’m really late on this one but I think this is my second or third fave episode this season. SO good and SO funny. I’m loving this season!

  4. 79. terry  

    I agree that Oscar has become over the years a less likable character. But I also think that given the development of the character, the way he handled the confrontation was true to form. Maybe this exposing of Oscar’s hypocrisy will bring about a return to the early, snooty, but likable Oscar? Along these same lines, perhaps we’ll see a more humane Angela; a somewhat sympathetic Angela? Where this thing is going: I tend to agree with those here that say a parting shot with what remains of the old/the new office workers doing their daily grind is the best ending. However, the way things are beginning to play out (and considering what the film crew said in the first episode about it always being about JAM), it will end with JAM driving off into the sunset towards Philly. As much as I’d like to see it, I don’t think Michael’s return, in any way, is in the cards. I do wonder if we’ll get one last Office wedding? DwAngela? or Andy/Erin? On that last thing, I agree with those who think PetErin is the playing out of JAM, if JAM didn’t work out; if Pam chose Roy.

  5. 78. abe johnson  

    enough with Oscar already. Who cares about him and the senator? This episode was sad and far from the great season 3. You don’t even care for the characters anymore.

  6. 77. Little Michael Scott  

    I gotta say I did not like Oscar when Angela confronted him at the end. He still retained that snooty attitude of his, and he tried to justify part of his actions. Like you’ve just been caught in an affair show some humility. It just made me not a huge fan of the character. Really wondering how this will all play out in the next episode.

  7. 76. Pam  

    Favorite line was from Phyllis: “How much wine do you have ?”

    @ 63 and 64, true, it didn’t sound at all like Andy Buckley.

    Andy’s absence is bliss. Erin is really starting to notice Pete and love the leadership he showed during the card game.

    My heart melted at Dwight’s comforting words to Angela: “You’re going to be okay Monkey”.

    Tanster – Please add to your quote list Jim’s request to Phyllis: “Don’t poke people with knives”

  8. 75. lynn  

    Is the final group picture taken by Pete’s tower a ribbon cutting ceremony? Erin and Pete hold opposite ends of tape, and Kevin holds scissors. It reminds me of Season 2 – The Client when Jim shares his earbuds with Pam after their 1st “date.” The intimacy of that moment. Pete has connected with Erin but it’s still fragile.

  9. 74. Dinner Party  

    On re-watch, I loved this one! So many heart warming moments, and the cast got to shine. Also, I found it easier to watch Pam make that call. And like someone mentioned, this could lead to Dwight and Angela being together, which I’ve always wanted to happen. Too bad the ratings don’t reflect..

  10. 73. Shrute  

    I almost cried when Jim hugged Stanley and Phil because the scene reminds me that the show is going to end…and I bet Michael will come to Dwight and Angela’s wedding to celebrate.

  11. 72. Max  

    At first I didn’t like Angela trying to kill Oscar. Now it makes sense, she was just angry and irrational, and having Dwight there to be the voice of reason was great!

    I still think that portion of the plot could have been toned down slightly. But still. Felt like a classic episode.

    Does anyone else think that Pam will get fired for her comment? That’d be an interesting way for the Halperts to exit.

  12. 71. lynn  

    This was my favorite episode this season – the writing was incredible. The Pam storyline played back to Season 3 – Beach Games. She was the outsider and had to work up courage to be seen & heard. This time the group embraced her. Wow.

    Also, I loved the quiet development between Pete & Erin. Build a wide base, then build up. Wow again.

  13. 70. Jessie  

    #66, @ASFan, is that not the original photo with the real Jim that’s on her desk? Because that was there before that episode with Asian Jim.

  14. 69. BatmanJim  

    Awesome episode! I warmed up to Pete in this one, he was very Jim Jr. Oscar and Angela were great as always. Also has anyone noticed that there is less hours left of The Office series than there is in a full office work day… kinda sad.

  15. 68. ascribe  

    For me this episode sums up where this show has been going for the last few seasons. We get a main story that starts with an interesting enough situation but quickly descends into more farce and stupidity. Angela trying to organize a hit? Meh. The Angela/Trevor/Oscar confrontation was quite stupid, although at least Oscar managed a decent moment of truth with Angela at the end of it. Then we get the other cast wasting the rest of the valuable episode time with B-plots that aren’t particularly engaging or amusing. They build card houses, eat lunch, and Pam prepares to paint a mural. Meh. At the end the penis jokes return. Sometimes it seems the writers think that at this point the remaining audience is content just watching their favorite characters going through the motions – it doesn’t have to be clever, funny, or interesting as long as we see them doing something quirky or in some “situation”.

    Far from terrible and there were some laughs, but this show and these characters can be so much better.

  16. 67. ASFan  

    Another thing. Creed was wearing sweatpants with his work clothes.

  17. 66. ASFan  

    Anyone notice the photo of Pam and Asian Jim is still on her desk?

  18. 65. pete  

    I am not very impressed by this episode.

    However, I do like the subtle hints that Peterin is moving forward.

  19. 64. Karen  

    Yes, I thought David Wallace sounded different. Glad to know it just wasn’t me.

  20. 63. Laurie  

    I always thought Gabe was the Scranton Strangler, but then again, I thought Astrid was really Michael’s baby…

    Did anyone else think David Wallace’s voice sounded different on the phone? Andy Buckley, was that you, or did they use someone else that sorta sounded like you to say those couple of fast lines? (I’m assuming you still read here!) :-)

    [ from tanster: i agree! it didn’t sound like andy buckley. ]

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