The Office: The Target, 9.08

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The Office: The Target

Writer: Graham Wagner, Director: Brent Forrester

Summary (NBC): Angela discovers the truth — Angela discovers her husband’s affair with Oscar and goes to Dwight for help. Jim needs a favor from Stanley and Phyllis who milk it for all it’s worth. Pam begins painting her mural in the warehouse but gets distracted by Pete who is building a tower of complaint cards.

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  • Chris Gethard plays Trevor.
  • The tag, in which Dwight and Angela ask Toby all sorts of sex-related questions, is a callback to a scene from the Season 2 episode, Sexual Harassment, in which Dwight asks Toby, “Where is the clitoris? On a website, it said at the crest of the labia. What does that mean? What does the female vagina look like?”

The Office The Target rating

In a poll conducted November 29-December 3, 2012, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.19/10

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The Office The Target quotes

Oscar: If she’s cold and awkward and cruel to me, then great, it’s business as usual.

Oscar: I guess the universe rewards true love.

Dwight: Well, well, well. It’s finally happened. Pam has ceased caring.

Meredith: Queen of the primer, that one.

Pam: Last week, Jim wasn’t there, and they name the company Athlead.

Pete: Don’t give me a pointless office chore, because I will build a little paper house. Fight the power.

Dwight: If I’m not in your panties, I don’t go vigilantes.

Kevin: No not taller this way, taller this way.

Kevin: He’s a sweet kid, Darryl, but he’s not the sharpest guy in the drawer.

Dwight: This documentary crew has been following our every move for the past nine years, but I don’t see them so I think we are good.

Pam: I’m going to limit myself to one shrub.

Hide: You paint wall now?

Trevor: So what’s the job?
Angela: Murder.

Dwight: A woman with damaged knees can’t scrub worth a damn.

Stanley: Not enough lobster. Side order.

Phyllis: How much wine do you have?

Nellie: You salty dog.

Darryl: What can I say. A player’s gotta play.

Darryl: Actually, that was the sound of me eating spaghetti. But I’m going to let them think the other thing.

Pete: If you’re afraid of screwing up, this tower’s not for you.

Phyllis: Sometimes when I look at my hands, I don’t even recognize them.

Phyllis: Whose hands are these?

Meredith: You wouldn’t fart on a butterfly.

Dwight: Hello again, naughty nostrils.

Dwight: There are a bunch of construction workers in the warehouse without their trousers, drinking diet sodas.

Meredith: Yahtzee.

Trevor: I might puke, but I’m going to do this.

Creed: Remember, you’re a scumbag. So think scummy thoughts. Like this.

Pam: Your mama is so fat, when she wears red, people yell, “hey Kool-Aid.”

Dwight: You’re not stupid. Jazz is stupid.
Angela: Jazz is stupid! I mean, just play the right notes!

Dwight: You’re going to be okay, monkey.

Stanley: I did enjoy grinding your beans, son.

Dwight: Where does gayness come from, and how it is transmitted?
Angela: My pastor said it can come from breastfeeding.

Angela: What is it called when two men intertwine their penises, like the snakes on the medic alert bracelet? Is it called red vining?

Dwight: Where are gay men’s vaginas?
Toby: They don’t have vaginas. They’re just regular men.

Dwight: When two gay men have sex, how do they know whose penis will open up to accept the other person’s penis?

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