The Office: The Target, 9.08

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The Office: The Target

Writer: Graham Wagner, Director: Brent Forrester

Summary (NBC): Angela discovers the truth — Angela discovers her husband’s affair with Oscar and goes to Dwight for help. Jim needs a favor from Stanley and Phyllis who milk it for all it’s worth. Pam begins painting her mural in the warehouse but gets distracted by Pete who is building a tower of complaint cards.

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  • Chris Gethard plays Trevor.
  • The tag, in which Dwight and Angela ask Toby all sorts of sex-related questions, is a callback to a scene from the Season 2 episode, Sexual Harassment, in which Dwight asks Toby, “Where is the clitoris? On a website, it said at the crest of the labia. What does that mean? What does the female vagina look like?”

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In a poll conducted November 29-December 3, 2012, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.19/10

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The Office The Target quotes

Oscar: If she’s cold and awkward and cruel to me, then great, it’s business as usual.

Oscar: I guess the universe rewards true love.

Dwight: Well, well, well. It’s finally happened. Pam has ceased caring.

Meredith: Queen of the primer, that one.

Pam: Last week, Jim wasn’t there, and they name the company Athlead.

Pete: Don’t give me a pointless office chore, because I will build a little paper house. Fight the power.

Dwight: If I’m not in your panties, I don’t go vigilantes.

Kevin: No not taller this way, taller this way.

Kevin: He’s a sweet kid, Darryl, but he’s not the sharpest guy in the drawer.

Dwight: This documentary crew has been following our every move for the past nine years, but I don’t see them so I think we are good.

Pam: I’m going to limit myself to one shrub.

Hide: You paint wall now?

Trevor: So what’s the job?
Angela: Murder.

Dwight: A woman with damaged knees can’t scrub worth a damn.

Stanley: Not enough lobster. Side order.

Phyllis: How much wine do you have?

Nellie: You salty dog.

Darryl: What can I say. A player’s gotta play.

Darryl: Actually, that was the sound of me eating spaghetti. But I’m going to let them think the other thing.

Pete: If you’re afraid of screwing up, this tower’s not for you.

Phyllis: Sometimes when I look at my hands, I don’t even recognize them.

Phyllis: Whose hands are these?

Meredith: You wouldn’t fart on a butterfly.

Dwight: Hello again, naughty nostrils.

Dwight: There are a bunch of construction workers in the warehouse without their trousers, drinking diet sodas.

Meredith: Yahtzee.

Trevor: I might puke, but I’m going to do this.

Creed: Remember, you’re a scumbag. So think scummy thoughts. Like this.

Pam: Your mama is so fat, when she wears red, people yell, “hey Kool-Aid.”

Dwight: You’re not stupid. Jazz is stupid.
Angela: Jazz is stupid! I mean, just play the right notes!

Dwight: You’re going to be okay, monkey.

Stanley: I did enjoy grinding your beans, son.

Dwight: Where does gayness come from, and how it is transmitted?
Angela: My pastor said it can come from breastfeeding.

Angela: What is it called when two men intertwine their penises, like the snakes on the medic alert bracelet? Is it called red vining?

Dwight: Where are gay men’s vaginas?
Toby: They don’t have vaginas. They’re just regular men.

Dwight: When two gay men have sex, how do they know whose penis will open up to accept the other person’s penis?

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  1. It will be interesting to see if everyone gets on Oscar for having an affair with a married man like they did when Michael was having an affair with a married woman. This is a sad storyline, I’m glad it’s coming to an end soon. I would not have thought Oscar would do that to Angela.

  2. Wait…

    Pete=new Jim…

    Pam distracted by Pete….. uh oh…Will she start seeing old Jim in Pete…

  3. As someone pointed out in a previous comment thread, this is a looot of “The —” episodes

    The Boat
    The Whale
    The Target
    The Farm?

    But as long as the Dwight plot doesn’t go into the ridiculous, this sounds like a promising episode!!
    Also, love that Angela is getting her comeuppance for cheating on Andy. Also love that there’s no sight of Andy in this summary!

  4. @Daniel G, if Pete reminds Pam of Jim, then that storyline will be about her feelings for Jim, or her relationship with him. I don’t think it’s going to be about Pam being attracted to Pete. It’s also possible that it might be about Pam discovering that Pete has feelings for Erin. Why is he building a tower of cards in the basement? Is he hiding or trying to distract himself? Or it might just be a comedy sub-plot!

  5. @Daniel G

    I really don’t think so. From what we have seen, the only thing Jim and Pete have in common is that they are both young and in love with the receptionist. Also Pete is into Erin( for some reason) who is very different from Pam. I would bet that it will be like what Jesse said, Pam finds out that Pete is into Erin. In that respect Pam might see some of Jim in Pete and maybe feel bad for him since both she and Jim knows what it’s like to go though that.

  6. @Janet This is a sad storyline. I think Oscar may be in love with the Senator – that would explain why he’d act out of character and make a horrible choice. The Senator doesn’t deserve that love. Did anyone else think that the Senator was checking out the boys from Cornell at the Halloween party? Cheating is a way of life for him, really awful.

  7. Lynn – I’m glad someone else thinks this storyline is sad! I’m glad Angela gets to know what if feels like to be cheated on, and I hope Dwight does not go easy on her, but I would rather it have been someone else than Oscar. I don’t think Oscar loves the guy – he probably just was lonely because he has been without Gill for awhile and he may be a bit flattered because he is the Senator. In the end, I suspect Oscar will dump him because he will lose respect for the guy who lives a lie.

  8. Looking forward to this episode a lot. It sounds like it could be a season 2-5 episode ( especially the Stanley & Phyllis plot). I hope they write off this story line as well as they did in Broke. Bring it on! Also agree with #3, excited about Andy playing a smaller plot!

  9. @Janet Yeah I think there will be a “now that it’s all out in the open” scene between Oscar and the Senator. I suspect the senator won’t want to make the relationship public and Oscar will just walk away.

  10. @Janet

    Michael didn’t know he was dating a married woman. In that case, he wasn’t the responsible party.
    Oscar, on the other hand, knew the Senator was married and was a colleague of his wife, which makes it less glorious.

  11. The fact they don’t mention Andy must mean he is still on his boating trip, which is good. Now they can focus on the rest of the cast.

  12. @lynn I agree I think Oscar might be in love with the Senator – why else would he be so conniving? Unless he just really REALLY hates Angela…

  13. sounds promising! and YAY, no andy. great. i really feel the rest of the cast is not getting appropiate attention.

  14. @Becca If Oscar is in love with the Senator, then if he and Angela find out they they are both being cheated on by him it could make for interesting tv. Angela will be thinking about her child, financial security, and pride. Oscar would have a broken heart.

    To see Angela and Oscar both broken up, by the same man, but for extremely different reasons, would truly be compelling, especially since we’ve watched them work side by side, unchanged, for so long.

  15. I think the reason that Andy does get so much face time is because the show is just trying to stay true to the old days. If you remember back when Michael was RM he was the focus and had all that face time the only difference is that Steve Carell was just way funnier IMHO. Andy is doing his best I just don’t think he’s made for that part, I liked him more as a one liner back in the day.

  16. I don’t know if the comment about a lot of “The ___” episodes is a complaint of some kind or just an observation, but that used to be a more common way of naming episodes in the older seasons. Not as much anymore, but: The Dundies, The Fire, The Fight, The Client, The Injury, The Secret, The Carpet, The Convention, The Merger, The Convict, etc.

  17. I wonder what the deal is with Dwight for the rest of the season. Will he remain on board for the duration? Anybody know? Tanster?

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