9 thoughts on “The Office: The Whale deleted scenes”

  1. The girl who played Jan’s assistant is Ellie Kemper’s real sister. Maybe they’ll have Clark be Jan’s new assistant, and Molly(?) will take his place in the office. In another forum, someone suggested that then they could have the Kemper sisters’ characters find out they they are “real” sisters on the show – have the same biological mom or dad, since Erin was given up for adoption. Sounds really sitcomey to me, but maybe they’ll take it in that direction.

  2. This one with Jan was good, as most of them are. I really like Office deleted scenes. I even like watching the ones that obviously SHOULD have been deleted. I will miss the show, the deleted scenes, and the whole ball of wax when it is gone.

  3. I wish they’d left in the scene in Dwight’s car. It was a nice connection to the times Jim has sat through Dwight’s pre-sale ritual.

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