The Office: Training Day, 7.20

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The Office: Training Day, Will Ferrell, Deangelo Vickers

Writer: Daniel Chun, Director: Paul Lieberstein

Summary (NBC): The new manager, Deangelo Vickers (guest star Will Ferrell), has everyone hoping to make good first impressions: Andy finds himself awkwardly typecast while Jim and Pam worry that they’ve come on too strong. Only Dwight is apathetic about the new leader.

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In a poll conducted April 14-18, 2011, Tallyheads rated this episode: 6.68/10

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The Office Training Day quotes

Michael: Kahlua sombrero, please.

Deangelo: To beginnings and endings.
Michael: And to middles. The unsung heroes.

Deangelo: Colorado. Sunshine State.

Michael: Don’t mess with Colorado.

Michael: I don’t want to end up like Sony Bobo.

Deangelo: Everyone I know who skis is dead.

Michael: I would like to try the luge, though.
Deangelo: Try it once, you’re hooked.

Deangelo: I actually tried to get an animal Olympics going.
Michael: Really. What happened?
Deangelo: You know, life happened.

Deangelo: What are you going to miss most about Scranton?
Michael: The mountains, where things are.

Deangelo: Bartender, let’s get some vodka up in this cranberry, and one for my friend.

Deangelo: She’ll do. Oh she’ll do just fine.

Deangelo: We should write a movie or something. I’m serious.

Oscar: That’s a lot to process. Paperwork-wise.

Kevin: No, it’s not Ashton Kutcher, it’s Kevin Malone. Equally handsome, equally smart.

Michael: As you know, one of my favorite things is fanfare for its own sake.

Deangelo: I love the American Southwest, for starters. You may call them Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah. I call them heaven. I have a peanut allergy, something I live with. It’s a part of me. I’ve learned to cope with it.

Dwight: Did I want to be made manager? Sure. A great opportunity squandered? Absolutely. A crushing blow? Yes. Will I get over it. No. But life goes on. Not for me.

Kelly: And that is what they call a “meet cute.”

Michael: I happen to like the hilarious hijinks that I get myself into.

Michael: This is Jim and Pam. AKA, JAP.

Pam: We just have the one, but she poops for four.

Michael: Now I’m going to have to go online and look at turtles or else I’m going to be off the whole day. BIG BIG BIG

Darryl: It’s cool that you like the Southwest. That’s one of my favorite regions.

Darryl: I love the desert. It’s one of my favorite ecosystems.

Erin: Dunder Mifflin, this is.

Andy: What do African Americans call the…

Michael: Shave me.

Michael: Looks like we’re going to be shaving buddies.

Michael: I mark it Urgent A, Urgent B, Urgent C, Urgent D. Urgent A is the most important. Urgent D you don’t even really have to worry about.

Michael: Don’t shave my lips.

Deangelo: Ten-gallon hat. Technically, it only holds about three quarts. Little factoid.

Michael: I love the guy, but I’m not sure he’s a good fit for the office. And also, I’m not sure if I love the guy.

Deangelo: Drink some soap. Drink some hand soap.

Andy: I guess this is my life now.

Michael: It’s the witching hour. It is the sandwiching hour.

Deangelo: I need a wide berth from those nuts.

Deangelo: I missed the OJ verdict, had to read about in the newspaper like an idiot.

Deangelo: You’re getting nut particles, all in the air!

Michael: You might want to develop a couple of characters.

Deangelo: It is too bad for this place that you’re leaving.

Michael: Why did you have to be so damn good?
Deangelo: I, I’m adequate.

Deangelo: Get your senioritis on. It’s Lake Havasu time!

Michael: I guess I’ve been working so hard, I forgot what it’s like to be hardly working.

Deangelo: What is the Native American girl’s name?

Deangelo: That baby could be the star of a show called “Babies I Don’t Care About.”

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  1. Is this going to be like the U.K. “Training Day?” If it is, I will literally go nuts. Sounds great!

  2. Haha seriously, Deangelo? The idea of Training Day sounds great already. I’m sure Will Ferrell will be just fine, it’s only 4 episodes.

    Just don’t repeat the new boss hates Jim storyline.

  3. Like JimisBigBird, I really hope it’s not another new boss hates Jim storyline, and like Langston, I’d love it if this were similar to the UK Training Day. I also love the name Deangelo Vickers!

  4. I like Will Ferrell. He’s a good comedian. They’re really good friends, him and Steve Carell. I’m sure in three weeks time Will’s character on the show will drive everyone (specially Michael, after I saw the promo) crazy!!!!!

  5. Not to sound like a nerd, but it was called Training, not Training Day for the UK version, all though it was MY FAVORITE EPISODE OF THAT SERIES, and the first one I saw, this episode sounds great, but I’m worried about the realism of having Will Ferrell on the show

  6. ^^The show’s never been 100% realistic in the first place (nor was it intended to be, because it’s a mockumentary). So….what exactly is wrong?

  7. People need to stop complaining about Will Ferrell. Yes, his comedy may be over the top, but that might be the point….They want the people of the office to be SAD that Michael is leaving. They want to show to them that YES, it CAN get worse in terms of a new boss! He’s like Todd Packer mixed with Michael, and nobody really knows what he will be like on the show. All I know is the writers haven’t disappointed me yet when it comes to something BIG, so I’m positive the next 3-4 episodes will be absolutely AMAZING :D

  8. Is the U.K. Training episode where they had to simulate a customer going to a hotel?

    Foregone Conclusions rocks!

  9. I love Will Ferrell but I’m glad he isn’t a permanent character. His place is in movies not The Office. I hope ricky gervais will be the new boss that would be the best! :)

  10. I think I figured out who wrote and directed this! Pause the clip where they call action to Steve and Will. On the thing they snap it says “The Office”. Below it is “Mindy Kaling” and below that is “Matt Bohn”. I believe that’s who wrote and directed the episode.

  11. Sorry, it says “Matt Sohn”. That’s who directed it. Mindy wrote it. That particular scene was filmed February 23.

  12. 4 hours till “Training Day” I am so f’in excited!! The Office is the best and funniest show that has ever been on tv, period. Nothing even comes close. Michael, we are all going to miss you but with your absence will only bring an emphasis on some of the most loved characters on the show.

  13. I fail to see the point of making Jim and Pam, two of the best characters, into huge assholes. But they’re doing it.

  14. I’m disappointed :( The Jim/Pam/Cece storyline just seemed awkward, and everything just seemed so… I don’t know, just stiff and lame. Hopefully better episodes are to come

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