Got ‘Two Weeks’ questions for Aaron Shure?

Do you have a question about last night’s episode, ‘Two Weeks’?

Aaron Shure, ‘Two Weeks’ writer, has very graciously agreed to answer your questions about the episode. Thank you, Aaron!

Submit your question here by 11pm PT tomorrow night, March 28th.

I’ll put together a Q&A and post it hopefully sometime next week.

Remember, non-spoilerish questions about ‘Two Weeks’ only. Thanks!


  1. With his crossword puzzles in hand, why did Charles Miner pick Stanley to be the “Productivity Czar”? (Great title, btw!)

  2. Did Charles really attack Michael? Or was that just to scare him, because isn’t that illegal?

  3. I could ask a lot of questions about why Pam is gone AGAIN, but my biggest thing is… why was Jim just standing there smirking, is he not allowed to be confused and mad at Pam for that sudden decision??

  4. Great episode! Thanks for it!

    How did Charles find out about Michael’s Paper Company? Did Michael leave his sheet lying around or did an employee rat him out?

  5. Because I never read spoilers, I was shocked by Pam’s leaving. What was the thought process behind the writers making this decision?

  6. How did the writers come to the decision to have Michael leave Dunder Mifflin? I’m really excited to see how the story plays out the next several weeks!

  7. Hello,

    At the end of the episode, was there any inspiration from the beginning of the movie Jerry Maguire? I loved that scene from the movie, and while watching Michael and Pam walk out of the parking lot, I felt those same feelings of “us against the world” again.


  8. In episode 319 The Negotiation Michael tells Darryl that he’s been at Dunder Mifflin for fourteen years. That was two years ago, but now Michael is quitting the company after fifteen years. So, has he worked at Dunder Mifflin for fifteen or sixteen years?

  9. Is your and/or one of the other writers’ favorite movie Jerry Maguire or were the similarities in the end coincidental?

  10. There was a scene where Charles asks Michael to go over the client lists and Charles glances at Jim’s desk where Michael’s Splenda and Scotch is resting before Michael picks up his drink and returns to his office. Did Charles see the scotch and think it was Jim’s or did he not see it?

  11. Where are Michael and Pam going at the end of the episode? Are they going to ride off into the sunset in Michael’s PT Cruiser?

  12. Charles has belittled Jim for having a “made up position”. However, it was Jan as the VP who appointed Jim as the official Asst. Regional Manager when Scranton merged with Stamford. In fact, Jim does have increased responsibility (Survivorman, for example), and has mentioned he got a raise with it. So why is this a continuing issue between Charles and Jim?

  13. Even though I completely understood Pam’s decision to leave with Michael, I’m curious as to why she and Jim didn’t have an actual discussion about this major decision? Or was a discussion originally apart of the episode?

  14. Did you have any other names pick out for Michael’s paper company?

    I know in The Job episode Michael told David Wallace a few names that he would call Dunder Mifflin. For example, (“Paper Great. Where great paper is our passion. We’re GRRRREAT!”) He also came up with,
    (“Super Duper Paper. It’s super duper.)

  15. I have two! (twss)
    Why did you chose Angela and Kelly to fight over Charles Miner?
    At the end Pam looked like she was kinda regretting leaving, was that planned?

  16. I noticed the silver Mini Cooper in the parking lot as Michael was sneaking back in (because I have one myself and the coop-dar is always on), and I’m pretty sure I saw it at Prince Family Paper (poor souls) earlier. Is that somebody on the staff’s car or just a prop?

  17. Considering the economic climate, I found it hard to believe Jim just letting Pam walk out of the office without even trying to talk to her about it for a second. Was there a missing deleted scene or do the writers want the audience to assume all of Jim and Pam’s discussion of this issue has taken place off-camera?

  18. Why was the bad @$$, Charles, working out of the Scranton Branch again, on this episode? Just wondering if this was part of his orientation to the company or if it was related to the fact Michael had given his two weeks notice. He can go back to corporate anytime now. I, unlike Kelly and Angela, won’t miss him.

  19. I thought this was one of the most well written Office episodes. Is this your first episode and if so, will you be writing more?

  20. What’s the proper ratio of Scotch to Splenda? Has anyone in the writer’s room sampled the beverage? And is there a name for said concoction other than “a Scotch-‘n’-Splenda”?

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