The Office Valentine Cards 2009

Dwight Schrute Valentine's Day cardWhile it’s too late to snail-mail Valentine cards, you still have time to send an e-card!

Hallmark e-card (99 cents) e-cards (free)

And hopefully next year, we’ll see some cards with updated graphics! (Please?)

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!

Paper cards after the jump.

The OfficeHere are ‘The Office’ Valentine cards being offered in stores this year:

  • Target
    Price: 6 valentines for $4.99.
    Design: Three different designs (from last year). Two cards are bigger than the others. The small cards are 2.5 inches square.
    Images: Front of package | Back of package
    Tipster: Donna
  • Walmart/Hallmark
    Price: 8 valentines for $4.74.
    Design: Four different designs.
    Images: Front of package | Back of package
    Tipster: Brett

Links to previous years: 2008 cards | 2007 cards


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