The Office Valentine cards at Target

The Office Valentine CardsNeed more Office stuff to buy? Of course you do. :)

How about an Office Valentine’s Day card?

8 cards, 4 designs, Target.
$4.99 in store.

Yes, I confess I went down to my local Target tonight hoping to get me some. No luck. But the box looks cute, no?

Now available at Jenna and Angela’s favorite store!

Tipster: Tammy

Card Designs

  1. Jim & Pam
    Outside: Secret admirer?
    Inside: What “secret admirer?”
  2. Dwight peeking
    Outside: So this guy I work with asked me to hook him up with one of my hot friends.
    Inside: Kidding! Put down the stapler.
  3. Michael holding red candy heart with all the ladies
    Outside: Happy Valentine’s Day.
    Inside: … or as some say, “the annual review.”
  4. Michael & Dwight fighting
    Outside: On this Valentine’s Day …
    Inside: good luck with “conflict resolution.”

Photos here.