The Office: Vandalism, 9.14

Thursday, January 31st, 2013 | 148 comments


The Office: Vandalism

Writer: Owen Ellickson, Director: Lee Kirk

Summary (NBC): Pam’s warehouse mural is defaced — when Pam asks the office to help her track down the vandal who defaced her mural, Dwight and Nellie spring to action. Darryl has difficulty dealing with the cleanliness habits of Jim in their shared Philly apartment. Meanwhile, Angela grudgingly allows Oscar and Kevin to attend her son’s first birthday party.

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In a poll conducted January 31-February 4, 2013, Tallyheads rated this episode: 6.67/10

The Office Vandalism quotes

Erin: Welcome to me and Darryl’s World of Lies.

Erin: Like the sneakiest little sneaky sneak you ever saw.

Erin: Darryl, meet Bear-ryl.

Pam: Are those, are those butts?

Oscar: As a politician in this town, you still need the conventional blonde wife on your lawn signs. He is risking everything to have me there today.

Angela: If you get to bring a stud, maybe I do, too.

Darryl: Just a couple of grown, sexy-ass roommates.

Darryl: I ordered them by their Google Trend Ranking so we know who to hit first.
Jim: Who is this guy. We are killing it.

Dwight: Super secret classified conference room meeting. Now!

Erin: Oh. They used worse paint than your paint.

Meredith: It’s 6782, not 83.
Creed: 6783’s also a good time. Less mileage.

Pam: Apparently, he is very passionate about public art.

Dwight: If there’s anything I hate worse than art, it’s crime.

Pam: I was hoping for a righteous mob, I ended up with Dwight and Nellie. But they both have a mob mentality, and I’m pretty sure Dwight has a pitchfork in his car.

Dwight: What is it? I have vengeance to exact.

Dwight: My fetish is signed drawings of butts.

Oscar: How can anyone that weighs less than a guinea hen be so terrifying?

Darryl: Reading is tricky sometimes.

Darryl: Are you going to wash it or are you going to let it soak?

Frank: I’m sorry I didn’t like your crappy doodles. I drew a butt. Big deal. Butts are funny.

Frank: You people can’t fire me. So screw you.

Dwight: Your little feelings party didn’t work out?

Pam: We should go scorched earth on that guy’s face.

Dwight: Normally, I find Pam to be a comforting, if unarousing, presence in the office. Like a well-watered fern.

Dwight: And I’m like, wow, Pam has kind of a good butt.

Dwight: He even looks like a mole.

Senator Lipton: It’s time that we bid bigotry hasta luego.

Darryl: What happened to my Tavis Smileys?

Dwight: Now go make your hands rough with work.

Darryl: Your husband is like a sloppy, homeless hobo.

Dwight: I have to say, I like hanging out with a vengeful bitch.
Pam: I know. You miss Angela, don’t you.

Dwight: Don’t sympathize, you’re ruining the mood.

Kevin: You suck. You’re like, a terrible person. These guys care about you, and you’re just using them. Again, the food was very good.

Brian: If you ever need me, you just call me, and I’ll be there for you.


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  1. 148. michelle  


    “6783 is also a good time, less mileage”

  2. 147. lynn  

    147. Dwight [Rescue Swimmer]Yep, and he was conceived at Woodstock when Creed had a bad trip.

    Creed – what’s not to love!

  3. 146. Dwight [Rescue Swimmer]  

    Haha I love it! See people. Me and Lynn know what interesting writing is ;)
    I like your story as long as the creeper is somehow related to Creed…. I love that man!

  4. 145. lynn  

    @144. Dwight [Rescue Swimmer]I always feel like the documentary crew has worked together the whole 9 years – Brian was there that long. But, the camera guy could have been hired last month. Pete and Clark were hired this year. What if no one really knows this guy very well?

  5. 144. lynn  

    @144. Dwight [Rescue Swimmer]How about this for a twist. Brian is a nice guy who likes Pam as a friend. Now, think about the camera man we haven’t met yet. This season have you noticed how often he zooms in on Pam’s legs (Pam exits her car in Lice; Pam talks to Brian in Junior Salesman). It’s a bit much.

    What if there’s a creep in the office that we haven’t met yet? What if that camera guy somehow got Brian fired? As conspiracy theories go, it’s out there but possible, right? Honestly, I liked Brian in Customer Loyalty. Wouldn’t it would be great if that moment was exactly what most of us thought it was the first time we saw it.

  6. 143. Dwight [Rescue Swimmer]  

    Ultimate twist… Brian actually is in love with Jim, and befriends Pam to get close to him. They hook up in the finale and Pam has to move on ;P

  7. 142. ascribe  

    That episode was kind of boring actually, I nearly fell asleep watching it. For some reason it just felt like total mid-season filler. Also there were just way too many characters squeezed into the last couple of episodes. I was hoping Andy would be back by now.

    I have absolutely no idea where (or why) they are going with this whole Brian thing. But it was kind of cool when he clocked that guy in the head.

  8. 141. Meridith's wig  

    I was personally disgusted with Val’s lack of concern with the defacing of the mural. She was featured as a sweet, caring person that can handle herself in the warehouse.

  9. 140. what's the dealio?  

    Finally got to see this and I loved it. Well done, with lots of good laughs, and lots of heart, too! I didn’t catch any ‘romance’ between Pam and Brian that others posted about, I just a great and caring long term friendship. What a sad end for him though, to get fired after working on this weird documentary for so many years. And I gotta say, I love Kevin so much!

  10. 139. gs  

    Btw – to EdK, #128 – Pam has acknowledged the camera crew at least once before. Remember Email Surveillance? Pam is trying to figure out if Angela and Dwight are having an affair and, at one point, someone from the camera crew basically gestures at her to look over at Dwight (or Angela, I don’t remember which) – and she excitedly says “thank you” to whoever it is.

  11. 138. Padge  

    I was watching some bloopers from season 2 and I noticed the picture on Jim’s desk. The guy on the left in the picture looks like BRIAN. I could be totally wrong, but check it out. I’ve always assumed that it was Jim’s brothers…. Hmmmmm…. Anyone? Anyone?

  12. 137. schrutebeetfarms  

    @JordinGoff I, too, loved Jim on the bed with the guitar! And speaking of cyclical, did that brief moment remind anyone else of Jim’s “Second Life” avatar named “Philly Jim” who was a sportswriter in Philly who carried a guitar? Perhaps that exact moment with Jim on the bed with the guitar wasn’t intended as a callback to that avatar but this entire plot of Jim following his sports-related dreams in Philly is pretty awesome as far as continuity and callbacks go

  13. 136. Jammer  

    I think Brian is a ‘red herring’ and we’re all meant to fall for the line of thought that he is in love with Pam. He has said nothing to that effect. The way they are filming his serious looks at her to coincide with a voice over from Jim talking about falling in love with Pam is supposed to lead us down the path thinking Brian has feelings for her. Again, he has said nor done anything more than what a friend (brother??) would do. Of course he consoled her last week, of course he stopped her from being attacked. What person wouldn’t?

    I don’t know what the twist is with him, but I think we are all being set up to think one thing, when it’s really not true.

    Favorite line of the night?

    Absolutely I do!

  14. 135. Greg  

    Seems hard to believe that Brian has worked on this documentary for nine years. Don’t the behind the scenes people usually come and go as other opportunities come up? Anyway, I bet that Pam’s art career will be more successful than Jim’s startup, and Brian will be the Scranton Strangler :-)

  15. 134. Eric  

    I’ve watched this show since the original airings of season 2 and like almost everyone else who frequents this website have become emotionally invested in the characters, watched every episode over 50 times and know all of the dialogue and scenes by heart (having a photographic memory is a curse). If the writers planned to create Brian as a potential love interest then I’d be disappointed because that’s lazy writing. But I still believe this is a trick – the writers are talented, in tune with us fan(atic)s and respect continuity. So it is my expectation that this suggestion of a romance is a ruse for dramatic effect. I am expecting a reveal of some sort of prior link between Pam/Brian or Jim/Brian, perhaps brother, cousin, childhood friend, college roommate, et. al. because the documentary has focused on Jim & Pam from s01e01. In s09e01 we hear that they were following them around to see how “they” turn out, and I interpret that as how JIM & PAM turnout – not the company or office staff.

  16. 133. Nick  

    I like how Brian is having some sort of a role in the show now. We’ve known the documentary crew was there the whole time but they have only been acknowledged a few times. I feel like the writers are going to start to answer some of the questions we have had for a long time

  17. 132. Alan  

    @Ed K- I agree that it is slightly jarring. The reason I’m okay with it is because I get the impression that Brian has been throwing caution to the wind and that all of this interaction we are seeing such as the head bump had not been the norm before. To me it seems like he has liked Pam for a long time and with Jim gone and the two of them fighting he is finally making a move.

  18. 131. Melvina  

    In the cold open of “Junion Salesman”, Brian mentioned to Pam that it was the first time in 9 years he messed up, so I think he’s been there the entire time.

    It could be that he has tapped Pam on the head in the past or comforted her when she was upset, but we were never shown that footage; and, only now are the documentary’s producers thinking it’s something worth showing. Like, maybe only now have the producers noticed that Brian’s into Pam and that it could play into her and Jim’s life.

  19. 130. PhillyinDC  

    By the way, I’ve been following Chris Diamanopoulos (Brian) for a few years now. He’s a really talented actor. Started off on Broadway, but besides playing Moe in the Three Stooges movie, he was FANTASTIC as Robin Williams in a behind the scenes TV movie about Mork and Mindy. You can watch the whole thing on youtube. He is really good.

    Oh, and he also played the chief of staff on either the final or second to final season of 24, where he was pretty terrible (the character that is)

  20. 129. JordinGoff  

    Jim on the bed with that guitar was funny, and when he said “I’m couchin’ it!”. I love the cyclical nature of this season. I think that having Pete and Brian mirror aspects of Jim’s past is really cool and interesting. I’ve been enjoying the crew reveal aspect of the new episodes a lot. Also love seeing the Dwight and Pam friendship again, that’s always great! Also Kevin sticking up for Oscar and Angela was so awesome. :) LOVE THIS SHOW!

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