The Office: Vandalism, 9.14

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The Office: Vandalism

Writer: Owen Ellickson, Director: Lee Kirk

Summary (NBC): Pam’s warehouse mural is defaced — when Pam asks the office to help her track down the vandal who defaced her mural, Dwight and Nellie spring to action. Darryl has difficulty dealing with the cleanliness habits of Jim in their shared Philly apartment. Meanwhile, Angela grudgingly allows Oscar and Kevin to attend her son’s first birthday party.

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In a poll conducted January 31-February 4, 2013, Tallyheads rated this episode: 6.67/10

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The Office Vandalism quotes

Erin: Welcome to me and Darryl’s World of Lies.

Erin: Like the sneakiest little sneaky sneak you ever saw.

Erin: Darryl, meet Bear-ryl.

Pam: Are those, are those butts?

Oscar: As a politician in this town, you still need the conventional blonde wife on your lawn signs. He is risking everything to have me there today.

Angela: If you get to bring a stud, maybe I do, too.

Darryl: Just a couple of grown, sexy-ass roommates.

Darryl: I ordered them by their Google Trend Ranking so we know who to hit first.
Jim: Who is this guy. We are killing it.

Dwight: Super secret classified conference room meeting. Now!

Erin: Oh. They used worse paint than your paint.

Meredith: It’s 6782, not 83.
Creed: 6783’s also a good time. Less mileage.

Pam: Apparently, he is very passionate about public art.

Dwight: If there’s anything I hate worse than art, it’s crime.

Pam: I was hoping for a righteous mob, I ended up with Dwight and Nellie. But they both have a mob mentality, and I’m pretty sure Dwight has a pitchfork in his car.

Dwight: What is it? I have vengeance to exact.

Dwight: My fetish is signed drawings of butts.

Oscar: How can anyone that weighs less than a guinea hen be so terrifying?

Darryl: Reading is tricky sometimes.

Darryl: Are you going to wash it or are you going to let it soak?

Frank: I’m sorry I didn’t like your crappy doodles. I drew a butt. Big deal. Butts are funny.

Frank: You people can’t fire me. So screw you.

Dwight: Your little feelings party didn’t work out?

Pam: We should go scorched earth on that guy’s face.

Dwight: Normally, I find Pam to be a comforting, if unarousing, presence in the office. Like a well-watered fern.

Dwight: And I’m like, wow, Pam has kind of a good butt.

Dwight: He even looks like a mole.

Senator Lipton: It’s time that we bid bigotry hasta luego.

Darryl: What happened to my Tavis Smileys?

Dwight: Now go make your hands rough with work.

Darryl: Your husband is like a sloppy, homeless hobo.

Dwight: I have to say, I like hanging out with a vengeful bitch.
Pam: I know. You miss Angela, don’t you.

Dwight: Don’t sympathize, you’re ruining the mood.

Kevin: You suck. You’re like, a terrible person. These guys care about you, and you’re just using them. Again, the food was very good.

Brian: If you ever need me, you just call me, and I’ll be there for you.

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  1. I wonder who would deface Pam’s mural. Sounds good, like always. “Dwight springs to action.” – Reminds me of the time Phyllis got flashed and when they found a joint in the parking lot. Good ol’ Dwight.

  2. My theory is that Andy had defaced the mural to upset Nellie as Nellie had something to do with it, and then due to Andy taking three months off and vandalising the mural, David Wallace will fire him. This leads to either Darryl or Jim being offered the job, and they will have to decide between the secure regional manager job, or risk it to get the job he has always wanted.

  3. Whoever Dwight hires as the part-time salesman in the previous episode will deface the mural & get fired in the following episode. Doubtful they’d “fire” a regular this late in the run.

  4. Maybe Pam gets fired for the client she insulted a few episodes back, (“Hey Kool-aid!”) and then moves to Philly with Jim, and decides to pursue her art career again. The guy in the season 4 episode “Job Fair” did tell her to try New York or Philadelphia…

  5. Sounds good but… are these the epic must-see story lines that Greg promised??? I know we’ll see the doc-crew but is that enough? Where’s the Dwight/Angela wedding? The Mike-Scott return?? I was expecting bigger things.

  6. I wonder if this episode will tell us about what is going to happen with Angela and the Senator

  7. I’m excited, especially with Angela having a main-ish plot in this episode, but her and Dwight will be on opposite sides of things…

  8. We haven’t see what is on the mural as yet, but remember that Pam had already painted a mural for Angela and she insisted that the animals be fully clothed? Maybe there is something in the warehouse mural that she is offended by, and with the stress of knowing her husband is gay and had an affair with her co-worker that she just snaps and defaces part of the mural? So my guess is Angela will be the one fired.

  9. Maybe Daryl will deface the mural so he gets fired and will receive a severance package, that way he doesn’t have to quit to move to Philly. That would give Pam another reason to dislike the Athlead situation.

  10. I really can’t imagine Andy firing anyone from the “classic gang”. He would fire Nellie without a moment’s thought, but none of the others, surely. I do like @10’s idea of Darryl trying to force Andy to fire him though, just like he did in Lotto.

    (I am presuming that Andy will finally be back by this point and doing the firing. Unless it’s Andy himself being fired of course, but we have already had that in season 8.)

  11. @Daniel G (11) I find that odd as well. I really hope the Jim & Pam story line ISN’T headed towards a divorce.

  12. Jim needs to spend more time in Philly so he got an apartment there. Pam is just finishing up in Scranton.

  13. Might sound weird, but I bet Pam defaces it herself. She’s upset and maybe taking it out on her art. Just a thought.

  14. If the fired person is the vandal, then it can’t be Pam. I don’t understand why Pam would be fired for vandalizing her own mural (as Abbey suggested), or even how Andy could bring himself to fire Pam at all.

    Of course, Andy could be fired for his long, unannounced vacation, which still fits with the “there’s drama, and someone has to pay for it” aspect of the firing.

    So basically, I’ve narrowed this down to four possibilities, remembering that the firing is not until the following episode:

    Possibility 1: Whoever vandalizes the mural is fired. This just seems too obvious, unless the vandal is someone we wouldn’t really expect, but who wouldn’t harm the show to be fired.

    Possibility 2: Pam defaced the mural herself in self-frustration. The next episode, in a separate plotline, Andy returns and is fired by an angry David Wallace.

    Possibility 3: A returning, disgruntled Gabe (he’s supposed to return sometime, right?) or other ex-employee or Dunder-Mifflin foe is responsible. The next episode, in a separate plotline, Andy returns and is fired.

    I really hope it’s either none of the above or Possibility 1, but with a totally unexpectable vandal.

  15. @9 The mural looks like it’ll be of the group of employees that helped with the complaint tower back in 9.08. Probably won’t offend anyone. But I don’t mind Pam sabotaging her own painting.

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