The Office Webisodes: The Accountants

the office webisodes

‘The Accountants’ was written by Michael Schur and Paul Lieberstein, and directed by Randall Einhorn.

July 13, 2006: #1, The Books Don’t Balance

Angela: It is not an accounting error! Well … it was not my accounting error.

Kevin: This is the first I’ve heard of it. They never tell me anything. (Smiles) I like it that way.

Angela: Michael said to stop by on the way out.

Kevin: Ooh, has anyone in the office bought anything nice recently?
Angela: That’s a very nice watch, Oscar.
Oscar: Yes, it is. My grandfather left it to me when he died.
Angela: I’ve never seen it before. He must have died very recently.
Oscar: Yes he did, actually. About three weeks ago.
Kevin reaches for Oscar’s hand across the table; Oscar reaches back.


  1. The accountants seem much more upset about the missing money than Jan. Gotta love how Angela slips in “Michael wanted you to stop in on the way out.”

  2. Great start to the webisodes, I thought. Phyllis is so sweet! The “You don’t use it to buy refrigerators, Kevin!” was my favorite part, hands down.

  3. Definitely my favorite part as of now was when Kevin reaches across the table for Oscar’s hand. I laughed so hard, that the guy in the cubicle next to mine peered over the divider.

    Can’t wait for next Thursday. Any clue who’s next?

  4. Wow. I can see why the first webisode(s?) fell flat with critics during the premier at the NBC upfronts or whatever it was. These first two were relatively terrible.

  5. I liked # 1 and loved #2. Any 2-3 min clip that makes me laugh out loud (which I did in both) merits praise. I can’t wait till they call in Dwight.

  6. Angela says (in her myspace blog) she improvised a line in the first one. Which do you think it was? I think it might have been when she told Jan that Michael wants to see her in his office before she leaves. Maybe?

    Plain White Jim — relatively terrible? For real? I thought they were relatively great. Oscar taking Kevin’s hand — hilarious. And really the whole Phyillis one was great. I thought.

  7. Correction: Angela says she improvises a line in one of them — she doesn’t say which one. Hmmm. Maybe the “I knew it” about Phyllis?

  8. Any clue who’s next?

    Barry, Kevin says in his latest MySpace post that Meredith is next to be interrogated.

    I don’t know if this was posted but did you know they slightly changed the season 2 boxart?

    Art, yep, it’s posted on the DVD order page. :)

  9. I enjoyed them. They’re like small appetizers to tie us down till season 3.

    I added the webisodes to The Office Quote Battle so you can now add quotes for them and see how they matchu up. Just click my name to go there.

    Also “Off Topic”, I don’t know if this was posted but did you know they slightly changed the season 2 boxart? They added the other main characters. You can see it here

  10. I thought the webisodes were great. I agree w/ everyone else that Kevin was so awesome. That scene where he comforts Oscar was hilarious! And that comment Angela made to Jan about seeing Michael was great (i also think that was the line she improvised).

  11. well, it’s back to 4 torsos around a table. i dont want to sound too harsh, because i really do look at these as bonuses for the summer.

    and they arent too bad. pull a two minute clip of the minor characters out of an actual show and these would compare fairly well, i think, in terms of humor and character development. fairly well.

    my main complaint is they seem to be treating the accountants like they are a set. and for the most part the set just sits. i think if they would loosen up, let the characters split up, walk around, have more one on one interactions, these would feel alot more like the regular show. and they might come together into an ok little mini episode for the next dvd.

    but again, this is all bonus. i watch lost and 24, too, but i havent heard anything from either jack in a couple months now.

  12. What I’m looking for in the webisodes is straight out comedy. There just can’t be any character development, because each one is so short, and because it’s totally separate from the main story arcs.

    This week’s webisode was funny. They’ve been getting better each week, although this is the first one I’ve been able to deem “good.” Expecting anything more is just setting up for disappointment.

  13. Meh. I’m not too impressed with the webisodes so far. I think my favorite two moments are the hand-reach to Oscar, and Phyllis scooching back to her desk after being interviewed. It’s the little things that make me laugh. But mostly I’m not impressed.

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