The Office Webisodes: Kevin’s Loan

‘Kevin’s Loan’ was written by Anthony Farrell and Ryan Koh, and directed by Brent Forrester.

Last episode: Taste the Ice Cream

Links: Watch fullscreen | Photos | Kevin’s Loan Application

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July 24

Third episode, ‘Exposed Wires.’

Links: Watch fullscreen | Photos | Kevin’s Loan Application

July 17, 2008

Second episode, ‘Malone’s Cones.’

Links: Watch fullscreen | Photos | Malone’s Cones Flavors

July 10, 2008

First episode, ‘Money Trouble.’

Links: Watch fullscreen | Photos | Kevin’s debt spreadsheet

July 9, 2008 has launched its webisodes page, complete with details about the first episode!

The Office Webisodes

June 27, 2008

Behind the scenes!

June 26, 2008

A sneak peek at ‘Kevin’s Loan’:Tipster: Spoiler TV

June 5, 2008 reports that the title of the new webisodes is “Kevin’s Loan.”

June 1, 2008

The June 2-8 issue of TV Guide reports that will air new webisodes — “which feature Kevin (Brian Baumgartner), who tries to find a solution to pay back his gambling debts to Oscar (Oscar Nuñez), Stanley (Leslie David Baker), and Darryl (Craig Robinson).”

Tipster: Matt

May 28, 2008 has confirmed to me that the summer webisodes will debut on Thursday, July 10th.

May 12, 2008

From NBC Universal Media Village:

“The Office” Webisodes to Premiere Early July … In the second series of “The Office” webisodes, which premieres on, Kevin (Brian Baumgartner) pursues a unique solution in an effort to pay back his looming gambling debts. This installment also stars Oscar Nuñez, Leslie David Baker and Craig Robinson.

Link: NBC Digital Entertainment Serves Up Users’ Favorites

You can find information about the first season of ‘The Office’ webisodes, entitled The Accountants, here.