The Office Webisodes: Subtle Sexuality

Thursday, December 17th, 2009 | 143 comments


Subtle Sexuality

The Office webisode series “Subtle Sexuality” was written by Jonathan Hughes and Nate Federman, and directed by Mindy Kaling. It debuted on October 29th.

Video: Subtle Sexuality webisodes | Male Prima Donna music video

Photos: Getting ready | Andy | Ryan | Behind the scenes

Other stuff: Wallpapers and icons | Lyrics and credits | News

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  1. 1. Spamster  

    WOW That’s HOT!

  2. 2. MeLinda  

    I absolutely cannot wait to see Andy/Ryan rap and Erin/Kelly dance in all that gold lame spandex. Thank you NBC, you are wonderful…..

  3. 3. Sara  

    Haha! These webisodes may be the best yet.

  4. 4. Brigette  

    Um, this looks AMAZING! I’m already laughing in my heart.

  5. 5. beetfarmsgrl  

    OMG!! bj novak rapping?! i think i just died and went to comedy heaven <3

  6. 6. Carla  

    [from tanster: that would be awesome, thanks!]

  7. 7. Stile4aly  

    One look at the photo on the front page, and I’m already chuckling. On to actually reading the article.

  8. 8. ASFan  

    Oh. My. God.

    [from tanster: that was pretty much my reaction. :) ]

  9. 9. laura  

    Oh! My! God! That pic of Andy and Ryan in those clothes really made my day!!

  10. 10. NotABadDay  

    Ryan in white tie and top hat! Hahaha! I love this! I can’t wait. :-)

  11. 11. Angie  

    Ryan in white has me speechless.

  12. 12. olivia  

    That picture just made my entire LIFE worth living. OMG.

  13. 13. Angie  

    I cannot get over how great these will be. They should have made this a storyline for this season!

  14. 14. Mark  

    I always worried when new characters were added to the office, but Andy and Erin have fit in so great, can’t wait for these webisodes.

  15. 15. Meli  

    oh wow! Looking foward to these webisodes! Just by looking at these 2 photos i bet they’re going to be hilarious.

  16. 16. InternationalBusinessTraveller  

    Oh, this just looks amaaaaaaaaazing!

    I love the whole Kelly/KellyErin dynamic. I was watching them in Cafe Disco last night and they are Comedy Gold.

  17. 17. Meaghan  

    Oh my gosh I can’t wait! I love webisodes! They’re like little extras that hold me over until the next episode!

  18. 18. Tina  

    Helllllllllllllllllllllll yes!

  19. 19. Erika  

    Can’t wait! Love Erin and she and Kelly are sure to be rockstars! Hee!

  20. 20. scrantastic  

    Greatest. picture. ever!

  21. 21. sexyhostile  

    Did anyone else see Kelly and Erin’s gold/leopard print spandex outfits and have a flashback to that wonderful 80’s cartoon “Jem?” Maybe it was Kelly’s funky blue face make-up?

    “Kelly is truly outrageous….truly,truly,truly outrageous….”

    Maybe it’s just me.

  22. 22. Ross  

    Curious to see how Ryan is talked into this, I don’t see him being as gung-ho as the other three.

  23. 23. epinson  

    Look at Kelly’s hand in the picture! She’s got a broken finger, just like she mentions on twitter.

  24. 24. LizzyB  

    I especially love Andy’s outfit, which was clearly created from whatever he wore to work that day. They cut off the sleeves of his blazer and the bottoms of his pants, and he took off his shirt and tied it around his waist. Can’t wait to see the story behind that one.

  25. 25. ASFan  

    Was it ever mentioned if they were gonna put the song on iTunes?

  26. 26. Kenna  

    Oh … oh … my word. To say I’m excited to see this would be a horrific understatement. I’m … I’m speechless.

    [from tanster: i know, right? i’ve never been so excited for webisodes ever.]

  27. 27. Stile4aly  

    Ok, I have to know where Andy got that tie. I was in the Virginia Glee Club, and I’m certain that’s one of our ties.

  28. 28. Scrantastic  

    #27. Pretty sure that’s from J.crew

  29. 29. nina  

    “That’s it. I’m done!” LOL.

  30. 30. ASFan  

    That definitely sounds like a Lady GaGa song.

  31. 31. Alison  

    I think it would be ridiculous if this song is not put in iTunes. It’s awesome!

  32. 32. The Mallard  

    The song is awesome, i can’t wait to watch these webisodes, but i have noticed a problem in the video about continuity with the current season. Jim’s office is not there!
    Perhaps Tanster knows something about the timelime.

  33. 33. Tina  

    “I swear. I’ll do it.” lmao! And Erin trying to catch the aspirin bottle and failing…genius. These webisodes look like they’re gonna be the best thing that’s happened to the Office since Holly Flax. ^____^

  34. 34. Helga the Outlaw  

    What I find so hilarious about the music video is that they’ve apparently got the documentary makers on board to film it for them. And they’re using their usual talking head/handheld setups.

  35. 35. Jimmy  


    I’m sure these were filmed a while back. The webisodes are basically stand alone mini-episodes.

  36. 36. Greg  

    I don’t know exactly what it is, but at the very beginning of the video Kelly/Mindy reminds me a lot of Phylicia Rashad.

  37. 37. theofficeislove  

    The music video is PERFECTION!

  38. 38. Caitlin  

    I seriously burst out laughing at the “baby aspirin” part.

  39. 39. Tony  

    I pray with all of my heart that this makes it to iTunes.

  40. 40. Delegate from Iceland  

    Wow, they’re amazing! Surprised they released all three at the same time. I’m SURE this is going to be huge.

  41. 41. Derik  

    I didn’t necessarily dig the comedy but I do love the Lady GaGa references and the overuse of Auto-Tune. Also loved the appearances of NardDogg and Temp.

  42. 42. The Sexy Mr Benjamin Franklin  

    Andy’s big cheesy smile in the vid (just before Ryan shows up) makes me laugh uncontrollably.

  43. 43. Crystal  

    I am stunned. Absolutely stunned and wowed by the awesomeness. I can’t stop watching it, lol.

  44. 44. Stapler  

    Oh my God! What an awesome way to start a Thursday morning!! I loved these webisodes, especially the 3rd part with the music video.

    And how awesome is Erin?! That Ellie is one lucky woman to have become part of The Office cast, but she deserves it! She’ll do anything, huh? She’s great in costume as Kelly’s sidekick – so funny! Brilliantness all around!

  45. 45. FlonkertonChamp  

    favorite parts:

    pt 1: “it’s about me.” “it is, but i’ll never tell!”
    pt 2: “then the poop really hit the fan.” OMFG.
    also, andy’s vending machine song, and his audition stuff. the beatboxing. THE BEATBOXING!!!!!!! as ridiculous as andy is, ed helms really has an amazing voice. seriously, i would love to sing a capella with him!

    and the video was just about the best thing ever. seriously… the junk grab. i’ve never bought any office episodes or webisodes on itunes… but i’m totally buying this.

    i hope ellie gets some recognition for this… and that they stop cutting her scenes! because she’s A-MAY-ZING!

  46. 46. Zac  

    This raises my love for Erin to all new heights. I hope they stop cutting her scenes now!

  47. 47. songer  

    wow that was intense……ly awesome!!
    what you got – ADD? – add it up don’t equal you + me
    ryan has some omg moments in there haha

  48. 48. Kenna  

    That … was the best thing ever. Completely made my day. I nearly made myself late for work this morning because I simply had to download the video for my iPod.

    I loved the entire thing, but during the music video, when B.J. broke into the rap, I lost it. So freaking hilarious. And what a catchy song! It should totally be a number-one hit. ;)

  49. 49. danielle  

    simply amazing

  50. 50. Angie  

    Sorry Beyonce. Looks like “Male Prima Donna” is one of the most hilarious music videos of all time! Of all time!

    Congrats to the cast. ;)

  51. 51. Brigette  

    Haha, #36!
    Oh no, now I’m going to have to buy the shirt and maybe even the mug AND the song! Pretty soon, the only things I’ll own will be Office related, and everyone will know how crazy I am!

    Seriously, they could keep going with this. They could make an album. I’d buy it!

  52. 52. Jamnicity  

    Oh my gosh, that video is hilarious! I love that they’re trying to be all sexy in the office–about the un-sexiest place ever. Also loved Erin’s line “you’re short but you think you’re not,” and Ryan’s “straight out of Lackawana,” plus, Andy’s super cheesy grin! Wow, that whole thing is gold!

  53. 53. Ginger  

    OMG, I LOVE the epis! The song is stuck in my head, but in a good way.

  54. 54. CAM  

    I have never watched any of the webisodes before (I know, I know…) but WOW! I thought these were great! and I cannot get “Male Prima Donna” out of my head :)

  55. 55. NotABadDay  

    Ed Helms. That is all. :D

  56. 56. Alison  

    The second one isn’t working for me, but the first one and full video are hilarious!

  57. 57. Meredith (not the redhead)  

    absolutely genius. I love this. downloading on iTunes!!! way to go Mindy!

  58. 58. beetfarmersgrl  

    holy crap, that was the most amazing music video i’ve ever seen!! erin is so adorable when she sings angst and i burst out laughing when she fell off the receptionist desk. plus ryan rapping was just priceless:) this was so well done. Kudos to the office people and their genius!!

  59. 59. MeLinda  

    That was so hilariously awesome! I have already watched it 4 times! :)

  60. 60. laura! That was AWESOME!!! And that’s just an understatement! Ryan rapping was what got did for me!

  61. 61. WishIWasEmilyBlunt  

    Straight outta LACKAWANNAAA! BJ’s rap literally left me in stitches.

    ed’s little smile was fantastic. actually, all of the NardDog was fantastic.

    this was so kelly kapoor. awkward and fabulous. loved it.

  62. 62. Michelle. C  

    Loooooooved it!!!!! Ryan’s rap is sick and Andy…wow! lol…totaly loving Erin and Kelly’s friendship! lol

  63. 63. Scrantastic  

    That was fantastic!!

    Oh Narddog, I couldn’t possibly love you anymore! And Ryan’s rap….straight out of LACKAWANNA…..hahaha!!!

  64. 64. Denise (ddker)  

    Awesome song and video! Possibly even better than Let’s Go To The Mall from How I Met Your Mother :)

  65. 65. Sarakiya Komzin  

    That was incredible! Best directorial debut since Orson Welles!
    Everyone was hilarious- and that music video- Ahh-maz-ing!

  66. 66. Steph  

    That was so good! I had to buy the song and video right after I saw it. Everyone did such a good job.

  67. 67. KellyKapoors#1Fan  

    I think this question has been asked before, but does anyone know how people outside of the US can watch the webisodes from the NBC website?! Thanks in advance!

  68. 68. officeisms1978  

    WHAT!? That was like ridiculously awesome! I want more, best webisodes ever!

  69. 69. Kalie  

    That. Was. Amazing.
    I’m going to be singing “Male Prima-Donnaaaaa” all day long :)

  70. 70. Alex  

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I think Ed Helms was the best thing about that video! His expressions are classic!

  71. 71. Joanna (CBM)  

    I wonder if I could make “Male Primadonna” my ringtone….. no one would get it. lol

  72. 72. ridit-dit-didoo  

    That just totally made my day! Andy is awesome.

  73. 73. Pam  

    I am seriously considering making a last minute halloween costume change so that I can dress up like Kelly and my bf can be Ryan! Hahahah.
    Also, is in full swing. Complete with photos!! I love it.

  74. 74. Meg  

    Omgsh….Andy beat boxing…that is like THE funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Ed Helms rules.

  75. 75. Lisa!  

    That was seriously specTACular…

  76. 76. johnfrancis  

    On the real, that was one of the greatest things ever. That video needs to be brought up during the show. It must!!

  77. 77. Andy  

    Absolutely classic. Well done to all four (and Kevin on camerawork, says their website). Ed Helms is amazing and, while he’s working his way there, is going to be HUGE one day. He’s the next Steve Carell as far as funnyman who will be offered every nice guy funnyman role in a few years.

  78. 78. PizzaByAlfredo  

    I loved Andy’s tie flappin’ in the wind! Too good!
    Yes, this should’ve been a real episode! Again, my hat off to you Mindy K.!

  79. 79. Heather  

    Holy moley. Awesome. I really loved the very first part when Erin says ‘amazing’ the exact same way as Kelly, haha.

  80. 80. indysoul  

    Nothing on the office has made me laugh harder than that music video!!! And It’s a webisode!!!

  81. 81. Kelly  

    AMAZING! Ryan’s crotch grab. Still laughing. Please, more?!

  82. 82. itguy  

    up to #21 on iTunes!

  83. 83. Jay  

    Oh my word. I am dying of laughter right now. SO funny. Love Mindy, Ellie, Ed, and B.J. so much for doing it! Great job! Well written and well performed!!

  84. 84. nina  

    Ed Helms I love you!!!

  85. 85. Patrick  

    Not since the first half of season 2 has Ryan been this awesome, IMO.

    The video was hilarious!!! Ed Helms vending machine song was also very funny!

  86. 86. Stile4aly  

    The elevator sequence at the end was really clever.

    Also, I think I may now officially be obsessed with Ellie Kemper.

  87. 87. FlonkertonChamp  

    i think that if someone had told ellie a year ago that she would be making a music video wearing gold leggings and a leotard, she would have just laughed.

    and i kind of have a girl crush. on both ellie and erin.

  88. 88. hermyfan  

    oh my gosh I am going to have Male Prima Donna stuck in my head for like the rest of my life. lol I’m so getting it on my iPod as soon as i can. Andy was so great…… just….. that was AMAZING!

  89. 89. Cat  

    Loves it!!
    I downloaded both the music and the video from Itunes..
    It’s soo catchy!!!
    Was that Michael’s parrot on Erin’s costume? :D

  90. 90. wpolochick  

    Ellie Kemper is amazing this!! Her character is really starting to grow on me. Ed Helms was priceless too!!

  91. 91. tentojuan  

    Great! Loved it, I even bought it the song and the video on itunes, which I NEVER use to buy things :D

  92. 92. Ross  

    Soooooooooooooooooo amazing! I LOVE IT!

  93. 93. DeathWinged  

    Love love love it!!!!

  94. 94. Matthew  

    Amazing. Ryan grabbing his junk was hilarious. Kelly and Erin’s outfit at the end was epic! Kelly is sexy!

  95. 95. amanda  

    Please tell me this won’t be the only song. This kicks glee’s butt!

  96. 96. rspad  

    Wow. That was…wow. LOL! Awesome.

  97. 97. Carly  

    I’ve been sick with the flu the past couple of days and had to take the dreaded GRE today, so needless to say this made my day ten trillion times better! This song is so catchy and the video is hysterical. I crack up everytime Andy flashes that huge smile at the end of his solo. Fantastic job!

  98. 98. Red  

    Music video is up to #11 on iTunes! I bet it cracks the Top 10 tonight!!!

  99. 99. Joanna (CBM)  

    i’ve now watched this like 9 million times today – and EVERY time Andy screams about the dvd being done I die laughing….

  100. 100. andy  

    It’s at #10 on the videos chart now, ahead of Lady Gaga’s highest song. I don’t know how much higher it can go with the Taylor Swift/Michael Jackson/Miley Cyrus top 10, but we’ll see!

  101. 101. hermyfan  

    #9 on iTunes now! amazing!

  102. 102. Molly  

    That music video was awesome!!! I loved Ryan’s part!

  103. 103. Scott B.  

    Love it! Andy screaming, Ryan rapping, and the elevator effect!

  104. 104. what's the dealio?  

    Love the webisodes and video! How cool to get everything at once instead of in weekly installments! And I love the crazy fact that the video is in the top ten at iTunes–so cool! Unfortunately, the song is now completely embedded in my head…I’m afraid I’ll be mumbling under my breath all day tomorrow at work.

  105. 105. Caitlin  

    Aw man, it was so good I’m gonna be talking about it nonstop! My friends are already sick enough of my constant office/ed helms/andy-related chatter. :) I don’t care… because Ed Helms/Andy is amazing and hilarious. As are the rest of Subtle Sexuality. :)

  106. 106. Brigette  

    AHHHH it’s in my heeead! Must play it agaaain! Must sing alooong! I’m a slave to the rhythm!

  107. 107. DV  

    BJ Novak is gold.

  108. 108. Brett  

    THIS IS AWESOME! I have it on repeat!

  109. 109. Brett  

    The music video is #4 on iTunes!!!

  110. 110. Angie  

    I hope they do a few more songs, haha. Maybe in response to viewer demands? :P

  111. 111. Kenna  

    Just felt the need to share that I’m now completely obsessed with this song. I’ve listened to it at least a million times and have it memorized. And this is really not my kind of music. LOL But gosh darn it, I love it! There really needs to be more Office-based music released. ;) Subtle Sexuality, we want an encore!

    “Straight out of Lackawannaaaaaa…!”

  112. 112. Co  

    Straight out of Lackawanna…holy cow, that was awesome. I haven’t enjoyed Ryan this much since Season 1. Too funny. Kudos to all 4 members of Subtle Sexuality!!!

  113. 113. hermyfan  

    I can’t believe it’s in the top 5!!!!! It’s like beating Taylor Swift and stuff. It’s so amazing! :-)

  114. 114. Mary  

    How can I get this as a ringtone?! I love it!

  115. 115. Koos  

    I LOVE it whenever Andy/Ed sings! Ohhh that video was so amazing! Erin’s got some moves!

  116. 116. Miss Happy  

    Ed Helms is freaking hilarious! The Nard Dog is my new secret crush. However, after telling everybody at work about Male Prima Donna, I think that the secret’s out!!!

  117. 117. fancynewbeesly  

    John Kra-who-ski? Ed Helms is the new love of my life.

  118. 118. Christian  

    “This video is bigger than you or me.” LOL

  119. 119. Stapler  

    Everytime I have 3 minutes and 33 seconds to spare (at a long red light, while I’m on hold at work, during a commercial break while watching TV), I watch the “Male Prima Donna” video on my iPod. And I can’t take my eyes off Erin. Her facial expressions and the way she moves and dances are soooo funny! Every little expression cracks me up. She’s incredible! I’m not surprised this video ranks so high on iTunes. They should all be very proud of their accomplishment!

  120. 120. JMJ  

    Ed Helms is amazing. I love the part where he says “irresistible charm” and does that thing with his hands. Awesome!

  121. 121. Mindy(mindysfavshow)  

    WOW WOW WOW…Finally able to see it all. GREAT JOB! I can’t say enough about BJ (love him in eyeliner and just awesome as Mr. Understood) LOVE love love it! Subtle Sexuality is gonna take the world by storm! haha Mindy Kaling you are a genius.

  122. 122. Dwigt  

    This should have been a regular office episode. Kelly and Erin form a band called Subtle Sexuality. Would’ve been a nice respite from all the story arcs.

  123. 123. mary  

    that was the most amazing thing i’ve ever seen

  124. 124. eastcoast_girl  

    Blew me away. Everybody was hilarious, and Mindy’s energy rocked! Ed Helms can really sing acapella. Who knew?

  125. 125. Kool-Aid Man  

    With the success that video and song are having on iTunes, wouldn’t it be something if that NBC show Mindy signed on to do revolved around Subtle Sexuality?

  126. 126. R.J.  

    Sorta forgotten in all of this is the fact that Mindy Kaling actually has a lovely singing voice.

  127. 127. Kool-Aid Man  

    By the way, when BJ has the makeup on, does anyone else see the uncanny resemblance he has to Bob Smith from The Cure?

  128. 128. YoungestVP  

    Loved It!Yeah!Lyrics rock!Music captures the feel of those poppy dance tunes on the radio perfectly, and better than what’s on radio!Nard Dog-awesome!Ryan-“You get out of the car so slow-how was I supposed to know?” ROFL!Watching over and over… buying it on iTunes!Great Job everyone-Nate Federman,Jonathan Hughes,Mindy,Ellie,BJ,Eve Nelson&Raymond Cervenka.

  129. 129. mlc914  

    Ok…not gonna lie… in all the years I’ve watched The Office I’ve NEVER found BJ attractive…but something about him in that blue robe and guy liner in the conference room… wow! :) haha

    What a great video! I love the Kelly/Erin dynamic and of course The Nard Dog was FABULOUS!

  130. 130. Amy Halpret  

    Tanster! Should we be worried that Jim’s office disappeared?
    It’s not in the music video.
    That’d be horrible if he’s demoted.

  131. 131. Angie  

    There’s a good interview with Mindy and Ellie here.

    Thought it was worth linking!

  132. 132. NotABadDay  

    Loved the interview with the choreographers! And I have to say, I am fast becoming an Ellie/Erin mega fan. Every time I see her facial expressions in that video, I crack up.

    (I was going to say “She does amazing things with her lips and mouth” but, well, you know…)


  133. 133. Ryans' Hobbit  

    #128 Kool-Aid Man

    You are spot on.

    BJ is definitely channeling his inner Robert Smith!

  134. 134. Ross  

    Seriously have had this song in my head for the entire last week, everyone is just SO perfect in it and I usually can’t stand Ryan.

  135. 135. LoveMeSomeJAM  

    They had a news brief on our local news tonight about the video and how it’s one of the hottest videos on iTunes right now. I’ll see if I can find a link to the news story once they post it.

  136. 136. Sarakaya Komezin  

    #136 – I was about to post the same thing! I live in Nashville and they talked about them tonight on the local news. I was so excited! I felt like they were talking about my friends!

  137. 137. jj  

    just watched all the episodes. they’re pretty funny, but it’s things like this that make the office lose the charm of being realistic that we all loved in seasons 1-3.

  138. 138. Kaytor  

    Does their sound remind anyone else of tATu?

  139. 139. UpperDecker  

    Completely wonderful!! I love seeing the characters find their inner rock stars!!

  140. 140. deborahsten  

    That just made my night!! How adorable.

  141. 141. Brigette  

    I hope they’re playing that remix in the clubs…

  142. 142. ASFan  

    The vocals sound a bit too soft compared to bass line in that remix a bit.

  143. 143. ultra  

    I just watched all the episodes. Full of energy and excitement. I loved it!

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