The Office Webisodes: Subtle Sexuality

Subtle Sexuality

The Office webisode series “Subtle Sexuality” was written by Jonathan Hughes and Nate Federman, and directed by Mindy Kaling. It debuted on October 29th.

Video: Subtle Sexuality webisodes | Male Prima Donna music video

Photos: Getting ready | Andy | Ryan | Behind the scenes

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  1. I absolutely cannot wait to see Andy/Ryan rap and Erin/Kelly dance in all that gold lame spandex. Thank you NBC, you are wonderful…..

  2. One look at the photo on the front page, and I’m already chuckling. On to actually reading the article.

  3. I always worried when new characters were added to the office, but Andy and Erin have fit in so great, can’t wait for these webisodes.

  4. oh wow! Looking foward to these webisodes! Just by looking at these 2 photos i bet they’re going to be hilarious.

  5. Oh, this just looks amaaaaaaaaazing!

    I love the whole Kelly/KellyErin dynamic. I was watching them in Cafe Disco last night and they are Comedy Gold.

  6. Oh my gosh I can’t wait! I love webisodes! They’re like little extras that hold me over until the next episode!

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