1. I’m so happy it’s more than just the accountants in it. Everyone is in it. It looks like it’s going to be great.

  2. The clip should probably have a not suitable for children warning or something. I was really not expecting the words that came out of Oscar’s mouth after he hung up the phone. Funny, yes, but it definitely caught me off guard.

    I can’t wait to see more!

  3. So this is why there were so few webisodes this summer! I’m glad that we will have these to fill our Office appetites over the winter.

  4. Oh Creed! Definitely going to watch.

    Btw, is this to cover a hiatus (SP?) during the season or just an added bonus?

  5. Awesome. Hopefully these and Kevin’s Loan get thrown on the season five DVD. That mother could be PACKED!

  6. I always wonder how they can get away with saying foul words in another language…I mean, the equivalent of this in English would only be allowed on HBO…

  7. YES! I love Creed! And does anyone else notice Kelly’s newfound style? Used to be so tacky… guess she knows jewel tones are in!

  8. I know everyone’s already said it, but that look Creed gives to himself/the camera when drinking his coffee…PRICELESS. Plus, I just love Andy’s earnest-ness. He’s like the friend that always says the strangest and dumbest things, but he means them with all this heart!

  9. Hip-hooray for actually letting the brilliant supporting cast do more than just shoot Michael withering looks. Can we get a little bit of that on the big show?

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