‘The Office’ website updates

What’s new at ‘The Office’ official website at NBC:

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Sept. 16

  • Caption contest: submit a caption for a brand new photo from next week’s Season 5 premiere episode!
  • New look: check out The Office and don’t forget to click the Refresh button.
  • Press release of upcoming features: ” … the site will include a new Meredith blog, Angela and Andy’s wedding planning micro-site, a Serenity by Jan micro-site, ongoing updates to fan favorite the Quotes game and Office trivia, weekly deleted scenes and the second installment of webisodes slated for November.” Source
  • New blog: Meredith’s Sex and the Electric City. Warning, it’s a bit racy! I’m also told that Meredith’s blog has “episodic foreshadowing.” Hmmm, you mean spoilers?