The Office Wedding Dance

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009 | 80 comments


The ‘Forever’ dance/Niagara Falls scene from The Office wedding episode, ‘Niagara.’

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  1. 80. Jeff  

    Absolutely excellent—tremendously uplifting and just plain fun. Made me laugh and cry. Love that show!!

  2. 79. Claudette Bertrand  

    I just watched this again as it is being shown tonight as a rerun….still crying… scene ever in a TV show…sharred with my co-worker Erin…she is crying also………

  3. 78. chatty cathy  

    Loved it all. Missed Jim’s epilogue in this clip, where he states his 3 point plan after seeing the Utube version of the wedding march. Absolute perfection, and in line w/ the character!! The final “dogs” scene had me tearing in laughter (and I’ll never ingest public ice chest ice again!), oh, and I thought the hair piece looked amazingly good!

  4. 77. Pamalamadingdong  

    Can I just say that, 3 weeks later, I still get a big, goofy grin on my face and tears in my eyes when I watch this? Apparently I need to remind myself that it’s fiction, because I am WAY too invested in these characters! :-D

  5. 76. shauna  

    If this episode doesn’t win an Emmy there is a major problem….This is the most well written, well acted episode of a sitcom ever. I cannot stop watching it and I tear up and crack up every time. There will never be another show this good…EVER!

  6. 75. rebecce  

    I keep watching it over and over. Makes me cry each time.. then I laugh at the kick in the face. Best show on TV hands down!!

  7. 74. Nick  

    You know you have a good cast and crew when you can make anyone cry after 3 minutes of a video.

  8. 73. Jennifer  

    I have seen the episode three times already (thank God for DVR). I cannot help but tear up every time I see this scene! The writers of “The Office” have clearly created multi-faceted characters who resonate with audiences in real ways, and that is why this show is so amazing. Thank you to the writers, producers, actors, actresses, and everyone else who is affiliated with this show.

  9. 72. NoraK  

    I love how we’ve come full circle as far as Jim and Pam on a boat; from Booze Cruise, where Jim wanted to tell Pam how he felt, to them exchanging vows on the Maid of the Mist! Can I say “perfection” enough?

  10. 71. Sara  

    I LOVEEEE this scene!!! Probably the best scene in the whole entire episode =) I was crying during the whole montage thing, it was so cute and romantic!!!

    I hope when the season 6 dvd comes out there’s deleted scenes and commentary from john and jenna and all that from this episode

  11. 70. Sarakaya Comezin  

    It’s taken me awhile to comment because well… I can’t tear myself away from the video.

    How awesome to have the writers of THE BEST SHOW EVER copy YOUR wedding dance from Youtube.

    Time for me to dig out that old video of me making out with John Krasinski. I’m just saying…..

  12. 69. Graham  

    This wedding scene has salvaged my otherwise meaningless existence. I was considering self-imposed exile, after nearly fifteen years of debilitating social anxiety and eczema, leading to the the retraction of all my academic papers and the death of my parakeet. Now, after seeing these paid professional actors, my friends, dancing in a church, I think–NAY, I know I will wake up tomorrow with a deep abiding contentment. I was crying and defecating my pants like a baby! I am 89 years old.

  13. 68. Felicia`  

    I love this episode, i love this show.. and i LOVED the wedding dance.

  14. 67. FlonkertonChamp  

    so i noticed that when erin does her first leap, her skirt flies up. she’s wearing light pink underwear. just sayin’!

    there had better be john/jenna commentary for this episode on the dvds, or i will NOT be happy!

  15. 66. Sneeze  

    This scene might beat Casino Night for me…just to see how much has changed when you look at Jim pouring his heart out to Pam in Casino Night to them finally being happily married in Niagara. It makes me all teary eyed, wow. Just an amazing scene!

  16. 65. Wendy  

    Beautifully written, directed and edited. I cry every time I watch it. I love the juxtaposition of the simple boat service and the dancing down the aisle. Really great!

  17. 64. absolutelyido  

    So I can’t decide what I like more: all the looks between Jim and Pam or Michael’s genuine happiness for them at the very end.

    The only complaint I have for the episode is that we didn’t get to hear Jim and Pam say ‘Absolutely, I do’ but I can get over that for the awesomeness of the dance and boat ride.

  18. 63. beetme  

    I totally agree with everyone…OMG, this episode is absolutely amazing. I have gotten so emotional about this, and I attribute that to such incredible talent of the writers, actors, and everyone else involved with production of this show. I can honestly say I am so proud of the work they have done. Even though I don’t know these people, they have touched me beyond words can describe. I think the reason they go into the business is to make a real impression and they have succeeded brilliantly.

  19. 62. ontheflippityflop  

    They could have showed just this scene as the episode and I would have been happy. I love this so much.

  20. 61. Kevin  

    All I have to say is that if this doesn’t make you smile at the very least, then your soul is as dark as the night.

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