1. good god… i keep rewinding it to the part where she’s putting the ring on his finger… while tears stream down my face. god i’m such a girl.

    i loved the dance… so wonderfully cheesy, and so them… and strangely sweet. i love the looks they give each other… like “yep. this is our life. and it’s good.”

  2. Okay, so I’m just going to watch this clip over and over! This song has already been my ringtone for the last month or so, now it will make me even happier when I hear it. (Sigh!) Amazing!

  3. The first time I watched this, I hadn’t noticed that it was Michael who had first cued the music! How did he keep that one a secret?

  4. I really can’t stop tearing up…I read over the EW article today, and the end about Michael Scott crying with you, I knew would be true, but that was probably the sweetest ending they could have used. It was soooo classic. It mixes the emotion everyone has with the humor that can NEVER be separated from the show. :)

  5. I’ve watched the episode twice now (with many more re-watches to come) and I just can’t get over the ‘office workers’ boogying down the aisle. Everyone played their character so perfectly, and it just showed that as much as they are all stuck in there ways, not so happy that Pam is the new sales person, and that Jim is co-manager…this is the wedding of two people that they all genuinely care about. And they are happy. We don’t see enough genuine happiness on this show.

  6. I think that was executed just perfectly. So much awesome! Oscar bringing over the dancing skills from when he did the “The Proposal” lol.

  7. Oh my! I can’t watch this and NOT have an ear to ear smile! I still get teary-eyed when they get married on the boat. Such a beautiful episode! Bravo writers! Bravo!

  8. I didn’t think I would cry! I mean, I’m not a sentimental person, I’m practical.

    I cried so hard, I had to go outside so my husband wouldn’t be embarrassed. I don’t know how the writers and actors and cinematographers managed it, but I was IN SLOPPY TEARS before the show was over!

    I love them.. Jim and Pam and everyone else, everyone who brings the Office to us.. what a gift we’ve been given!


  9. Absolutely perfect. That scene managed to make me both cry with joy for these two characters we love so much, and laugh absolutely hysterically at everyone else.

    Just … perfect. In my wildest dreams I couldn’t have imagined their wedding episode to be as incredible-beyond-words as “Niagara” was.

    Major, MAJOR props to the cast, writers, directors – EVERYONE involved!

  10. I can’t stop playing this video.

    Thank you, Office, for this wonderful episode.

    And thank you, Tanster, for this wonderful site.

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