The Office wedding photos

The Office Wedding

UPDATE: who else danced down the aisle? has posted more photos from The Office wedding episode, ‘Niagara,’ including many not seen in the episode!

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  1. omg omg omg!!! too cute for words. i love the dip in the last picture <3
    jim and pam are perfect. the office is perfect.

  2. I. cannot. wait.

    LOVE that last shot. and the look Jim is giving Dwight during his infiltration. October 8th is going to make TV history.

  3. I think holy freaking cow are the correct words to describe these awesome pictures I’m lovin the last one. AH! can’t wait for the wedding episode!!!!

  4. I can’t wait! I know I’m going to need some tissue near me next week :P It looks fantastic already!

    [from tanster: i know. i will be sobbing for sure.]

  5. I think I just forgot to breathe. I didn’t think I was going to make it two weeks, and now this is not helping haha. But we’ve waited 5 years, I guess we can wait 14 more days…I think, haha.

  6. Wow. That kiss may just take over as my favorite JAM kiss of all time… And I love that Dwight’s messing around. John and Jenna look gorgeous, as always. SO EXCITED!

  7. @ #7. Jan, really:

    “The identity of the portrait artist invites speculation. Could be Sasha or…”

    Or… Mose.

  8. I wonder if they’ll write their own vows! I just think it’d be so sweet for them to speak about their relationship over the years they’ve known each other.

  9. It looks like the peachy-orange roses that Pam had planned for her wedding to Roy (the ones Roy gave her for their prom) made it to the bridesmaids’ bouquets…

  10. I love, so much, about the things these choose to be. OMG! I am tearing up already, I’m going to need the Kleenex!

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