The Office wins two TCA awards!

The TCA (Television Critics Association) bestowed The Office with two awards tonight in Pasadena:

  • Outstanding Achievement in Comedy
  • Individual Achievement in Comedy, Steve Carell

Congratulations to the Office cast and staff! And it looks like almost the entire cast was in attendance, which must have made for some serious festivities …

For the full scoop, click here. (Link no longer available)

Update, 7/27:

  • Here is an audio clip of Steve’s hilarious acceptance speech. Thanks to GMMR for the find!
  • GMMR’s posted a few pics from the event!
  • More TCA pics here, here, and here. (Thanks, Jill!)
  • More pics courtesy of txvoodoo at LiveJournal.
  • The Kansas City Star has more about Steve Carell’s and Greg Daniel’s funny acceptance speeches. (The scathing review that Steve reads is real.)
  • The San Francisco Chronicle’s Tim Goodman reports on the night’s events, including news on a possible guest spot on The Office?