1. Those were actually not that bad! I love that the boss’ name is “Scott Michaels.” The fake-Jim was a skeez-ball. Good stuff. We NEED this strike to end though.

  2. That second one was kinda funny actually. BUT… really I can’t take this, please bring our show back.
    I’m so desperate I found this funny.

  3. Wow. See what happens when you mock a mockumentary–it cancels out the funny. :) Actually, I did find them amusing, if only as a reflection of The (real) Office, but yikes! Please give me back my Paul Lieberstein and my Greg Daniels and my Mindy Kaling!

  4. That was so sad. It had a bit of funny moments (African American ink wth/lol) but not even close to the level of The Office. I love the homage though and “An Office” is a perfect title.

    Strike a good deal so we can get the writers back!

  5. “How are you supposed to know what is funny and what is racist?” I loved that they showed that without the writers, Michael and Dwight would have been fired.

  6. I laughed so hard during the second one. These are actually really good. Usually the actors are incredibly weak in mockamentarys.

    I’d say it’s a worthy homage.

  7. haha those were funny, though dull. if they actually replaced the office with that… well i suppose it is better than celebrity apprentice, anything is better than celebrity apprentice.

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