The Office: Work Bus, 9.04

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The Office: Work Bus

Writer: Brent Forrester, Director: Bryan Cranston

Summary (NBC): The office hits the road — when Jim convinces Dwight that the building is unsafe; Dwight rents a bus and sets up the office inside. Nellie asks for Andy’s help in adopting a baby. Meanwhile, Jim tries to make Pam happy with some pie. Directed by ‘Breaking Bad’ star Bryan Cranston.

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The Office Work Bus rating

In a poll conducted October 18-22, 2012, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.86/10

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The Office Work Bus quotes

Andy: Can’t take the fail? Get out of the fail video!

Andy: Well, that’s all, folks! Ski ya later everybody!

Toby: You think I have a machine for measuring bee hives?

Andy: I was just asking a question, Toby. How are you not murdered every hour?

Dwight: It’s a wire, people. I’m not buying it a fur coat.

Andy: A baby what? A human?

Dwight: Statistical correlations exist between EMF radiation and various health hazards but mainstream studies are inconclusive.

Meredith: You better fix this! I already ditched my uterus and I ain’t losing any more good parts.

Clark: No, dude, I’m not. I’m not the tutorial.

Clark: So Creed is that dude’s stepdad?
Darryl: Correct.

Meredith: I’m not growing a third arm!

Dwight: Well sorry, Lucky Jimbo, I can live very happily in a magnetic field. Most of my childhood heroes got their powers that way.

Dwight: No nobbies, no probbies.

Dwight: Roll into the future. With Work Bus.

Dwight: A work bus is how tomorrow gets things done.

Erin: I never managed to get in the end zone. Not lovable maybe.

Nellie: He hates me. Thinks I’m a monster. Should go back to Loch Ness.

Stanley: Boy, I will hammer spank your rear.

Pam: You know what they say. Change is as good as a rest.

Dwight: Now you’re locked in a prison bus and your woman drips with beverage.

Andy: All right! The fat people have spoken!

Jim: Next stop: Laverne’s Pies Tires Fixed Also.

Darryl: Stop.
Clark: Come back.
Darryl: Too late.
Clark: Mmm.

All: Shabooya roll call. Shabooya, ya, ya, shabooya roll call.
Pam: My name is Pam.
All: Yeah.
Pam: I like to paint.
All: Yeah.
Pam: You think you’re better?
All: Yeah.
Pam: Oh no, you ain’t.
All: Roll call. Shabooya, ya, ya, shabooya roll call. Shabooya, ya, ya, shabooya roll call.
Kevin: My name is Kevin.
All: Yeah.
Kevin: That is my name.
All: Yeah.
Kevin: They call me Kevin.
All: Yeah.
Kevin: ‘Cause that’s my name.
All: Roll call. Shabooya, ya, ya, shabooya roll call. Shabooya, ya, ya, shabooya roll call.

Creed: Playing a little hooky from work today.

Nellie: I wish I could just wave a magic wand and make you a parentless 5-year old again. I would snap you up!

All: Next stop pies! Next stop pies!

Angela: So wait. When pies are involved, you can suddenly do math in your head?

Jim: What do we want?
All: Pies!
Jim: When do we want it?
All: Pies!

Kevin: Well now I don’t even feel like pie! Wait… no, it’s back.

Dwight: My trouser hives are void of honey.

Dwight: I had congress with Angela and the child that she bore did not issue from my loins.

Dwight: I thought I would be a father, and instead I am a eunuch. Neutered by my own building.

Nellie (reading Andy’s endorsement): “She’s tough in business, but tender with people she cares about. She’ll make a wonderful mother to any child who can overlook weird accents.”

Kevin: I insult you, Oscar.

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