The Office: Work Bus deleted scenes

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012 | 30 comments


Here are deleted scenes from The Office Season 9 episode, Work Bus:

Shabooya Roll Call: with a silly song and classic car trip gags, the gang gets into the roadtrip spirit.

Flirting with Infamy: Pete and Erin indulge in a little unlawful fantasy.

Peterin shippers, this one’s for you!


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  1. 30. Dr. Krentist, DDS  

    @28 – That is a very insightful theory. I completely agree!

  2. 29. Limey  

    I like Andy and Erin too. See, there are quite a few of us! :-P

    Andy and Erin have had some very sweet moments over the years – St Patrick’s Day and PDA spring straight to mind – but they haven’t had that many of them. They are both very quirky and rather strange characters, but they “get” one another.

    I do wonder where the writers are going with their relationship in season 9. Andy and Erin didn’t speak once in Work Bus. Andy is being such a jerk of late that he is obviously heading for a big fall, both privately and professionally. Hopefully he has time for redemption before the end of the series. It’s hard for me to care much about a new character like Pete, as nice as he is. A major character like Andy needs to have a good end to his Office story.

  3. 28. Jessie  

    I have a theory that the Andy/Erin/Pete storyline is what Greg Daniels was talking about when he said that this season they were going to try and capture what it would have happened if Jim and Pam had never got together. That comment made no sense to me at the time, but now I think he was talking about repeating the story with Erin and Pete, but without the same ending.

  4. 27. Dean  

    I don’t see the whole Pete/Erin thing going anywhere serious. I see it more as a nod to the old Jim and Pam days. I love the allusion though. It’s spot on.

  5. 26. pete  

    I may be in the minority but I want more screen time for Erin.

    I started watching The Office in Season 6 and Erin is a major reason why I am watching the show now. I think Season 9 is great and is still getting better.

  6. 25. Jim&Pam4ever  

    On a selfish note as a Jam fan, I’d much rather have Andy & Erin in a stable relationship with one another. Why? There would likely be less screen time spent on them then. Throw their relationship into turmoil with these Erin/Pete developments and drama ensues. The drama could result in more screen time for Andy, Erin, and Pete, and less for Jam.

  7. 24. Jim&Pam4ever  

    I think #20(Erin) was just pointing out that neither pairing has a more substantial age difference than the other in real life. To #21 regarding Erin’s age: Phyllis notes in “The Search Committee” that Erin was born the year “Porky’s” came out (1982), so that would make Erin 30. Not that it matters, but I get the impression that Pete and Clark are in their early 20s.

    While I am most devoted to Jam, I like Andy/Erin and would hate to see them break up. Andy has had a lot of awful things happen to him and I’d love for him to be in a good place with a great girl like Erin here at the close of the series. Pete seems like a nice guy, but I don’t know him and I likely won’t have the opportunity to get to know him much in the episodes we have remaining. I’m not invested in Pete. I’m very invested in Andy and Erin.

  8. 23. moneybeets  

    [200-word limit]

  9. 22. Karen  

    Not that it matters but I think Jenna is 6 years older than John.
    I’m on board with the Pete/Erin romance. They seem to be taking it more naturally. I never felt any connection with Erin and Andy and it all felt very forced and contrived.

  10. 21. pete  

    I am under the impression that Ellie plays younger, so Erin (the character) may only be in her twenties. (Who knows?)

    I have been an Andy/Erin shipper since Season 6, but she and this new guy may be a fun couple as well.

    I never thought of Erin as dumb. She is just underdeveloped. Perhaps she will grow up this season.

  11. 20. Erin  

    I have always loved Andy and Erin’s relationship so I’m not too happy with this new Pete and Erin development. Hopefully the show won’t break Andy and Erin up, especially after there was four years of build-up to their relationship.

    I don’t understand people who think Andy is too old for Erin. He is only 6 years older than her. Ed Helms is 38 and Ellie Kemper is 32. Jake Lacy who plays Pete is 26 so he is 6 years younger than Ellie. His character seems about that age too so really there is the same age difference between both pairings. Also Andy and Erin’s mental ages seem closer than Pete and Erin’s. Pete seems too smart, mature, and normal for Erin. In contrast, Andy isn’t the smartest person in the office, he is quirky, and he is a child at heart. These are all characteristics that he and Erin share among others.

  12. 19. Purse Girl  

    I love it! I wish it was included in the show! I like the banter. I don’t know about anyone else, but I always thought that Andy was a bit too old for Erin. It seems like Pete is perfect for her. Please don’t hate me! :)

  13. 18. Peepa  

    @17; Oh no, you didn’t offend me at all! Sorry if I came off that way, just wanted to express my opinion. And you do have an interesting point. I think Erin developed a liking to him after all his awkward efforts to impress her such as the whole ‘Country Roads’ incident and his frantic efforts in setting up a party/get-together in ‘Niagara’ just to have her, specifically, attend. (of course we all know how that turned out… yeeowch.)
    But I get where you’re coming from, they didn’t exactly have the same ‘best-friend’ bond developed first like Jim and Pam, and it definitely would have been better if they did. I think it was their short-lived relationship and the whole Gabe fiasco that made the two closer though.

  14. 17. Jessie  

    #15,@Peepa, sorry if I offended you or other Andy/Erin fans. It’s just that in ‘Koi Pond’ when Pam put in a good word for Andy with Erin, and Erin said she thought that he was the “coolest person in the world”, I was really surprised because up until then all their interactions had been really awkward, with Andy trying to impress Erin and Erin seeming oblivious to that fact, like when she refused to sit in the front seat with him in ‘Niagara’ Part 1. I just didn’t know where her liking him came out of, I didn’t see that coming. I would have liked more time for the friendship to grow, and to see why Erin developed feelings for Andy. I felt that she didn’t really know him that well, when she suddenly liked him. That’s what I meant by them not having been given time.

  15. 16. Pam  

    I don’t like Andy and Erin or Pete and Erin.

  16. 15. Peepa  

    @14; They gave time for a real bond to form between Andy and Erin. Ever since she was introduced to the show and about 2/3 of season 6, the writers were able to effectively show how well these two get along because, pretty much like Michael and Holly, they shared the same quirks and behaviour no one else in the office really had. Andy was the weirdo who more often than not annoyed those he worked with, but then he met Erin who actually loved and played along with all the things about his character that other people just found strange. They really connected in that sense – they were so similar.
    This scene with Pete just feels like a really forced, PB&J-wannabe moment to me. Pete just seems like an extremely normal guy who doesn’t seem to suit a girl as quirky as Erin.

  17. 14. Jessie  

    @moneybeets, I have to disagree with you on one point – I don’t think it’s true to say that “the audience has grown to like Andy and Erin”. In fact, I think that the audience is very much divided about Andy and Erin, and you can see that reflected in the comments on here. I think that the writers are doing something very clever in playing on that ambivalence and creating a genuine love triangle in which the inevitability of one couple or another is not guaranteed. I personally have no idea where they’re going with this, and I find it very interesting. But then again, I was never really a fan of Andy and Erin, I never really believed their relationship, it always seemed a little contrived to me. I find Erin and Pete much more compelling, because the writers are doing something with them that they never did with Andy/Erin, but did so well with the show’s most popular couple, Jim and Pam, which is give time for a real bond to build between them.

  18. 13. vic  

    i’m shocked that andy/erin have fans

  19. 12. Roy's Mugshot  

    God, I hope they break up Andy and Erin. That 40 second scene with Pete had more charm than all the stuff we’ve seen the past three seasons between Andy and Erin.

  20. 11. theneedforTWEED  

    @10; I agree with you SO MUCH. I very much love Andy and Erin together, and the last few episodes have gotten me down due to writers’ hinting towards a possible breakup (AGAIN). I thought I was the only one who dreaded watching the newer episodes out of fear of a Pete/Erin hookup. Was looking forward to just see ‘Arin’ develop as a couple this season.

    Let’s hope the writers have some surprising twists up their sleeves, and this new Pete storyline is none other than just another diversion.

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