The Office Wrap Party in Scranton, May 4

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013 | 126 comments


The Office Wrap Party May 4

UPDATE: read all my reports here!

The Office Wrap Party website | Facebook | Twitter | Buy tickets here

The Office Guest List

Brian Baumgartner (“Kevin Malone”)
Creed Bratton (“Creed Bratton”)
Andy Buckley (“David Wallace”)
Jenna Fischer (“Pam Halpert”)
Kate Flannery (“Meredith Palmer”)
Ellie Kemper (“Erin Hannon”)
John Krasinski (“Jim Halpert”)
Paul Lieberstein (“Toby Flenderson”)
Oscar Nuñez (“Oscar Martinez”)
Craig Robinson (“Darryl Philbin”)
Phyllis Smith (“Phyllis Lapin Vance”)
Rainn Wilson (“Dwight Schrute”)

Greg Daniels (Executive Producer)
Steve Burgess (Producer)
Allison Silverman (Producer/Writer)
Claire Scanlon (Editor/Director)
Phil Shea (Prop Master)
Matt Sohn (Director of Photographer/Director)
The Scrantones (“The Office” theme song)


The VIP package includes tickets to all Saturday events, plus an invitation to a special Friday night kick-off event!
Price: $252 | SOLD OUT

Saturday, May 4 events

8:30am Bloggers’ Breakfast | University of Scranton
A mix and mingle with fellow fans and bloggers.
Price: $7 | SOLD OUT

11am Behind The Scenes Panel | University of Scranton
Q&A with Greg Daniels, Executive Producer of The Office, as well as writers and coordinators.
Price: $12 | Buy tickets

2pm Parade & Street Festival | Downtown Scranton
Special performance by The Scrantones!
Price: Free

7pm Farewell Celebration | PNC Field
Includes cast Q&A, introduction by Executive Producer Greg Daniels, bloopers from the past 9 seasons, and maybe even a sneak peek from the series finale!
Intern Access Seats: $9 | Buy tickets
Assistant to the Regional Manager Seats: $16 | Buy tickets
Regional Manager Seats: $23 | SOLD OUT


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  1. 126. rachael  

    Hey! I was at the event last night which was amazing!!!! Anyway I got there and unfortunately they were all sold out of tshirts so quickly but they did tell us that we can purchase shirts online…does anyone know by chance where we could??

  2. 125. Matto  

    Heard Steve carell showed up at the end. What a boss

  3. 124. TheHunted  

    For anyone familiar with PNC Field: when they say Intern level seating is standing room only, does that mean there are literally no seats? Is it the kind of place you can bring chairs or a blanket? Thanks!

  4. 123. Laura  

    Snowing and 34 degrees in Minneapolis right now. Can’t wait to get to sunny and much warmer Scranton later today! After last night’s great episode, I’m even more excited for this weekend!

  5. 122. Dave  

    The Parade Starts at The University of Scranton (The University is having a Festival that day as Well) And will go down linden street about 4 blocks to The Courthouse Square where lots of stuff will be going on!

  6. 121. Linda  

    Will anyone be live tweeting or planning a google hangout? I wish I could be there – those of you who are lucky to go will have an amazing time. I was there in 2007 and it was amazing. There is nothing like being in a place with tons of Office fans + cast – “…ain’t no party like a Scranton party….”

  7. 120. Mark  

    The parade route is posted on the Office Wrap party website. It is basically straight shot from University of Scranton down to Courthouse Square. I am sure you can bring chairs. There really isn’t one spot better than another. The stage will be at the end of the parade i believe.

  8. 119. theoffive  

    Is anyone driving up from the DC area to Scranton? It’s looking like I will not have a ride up (I was supposed to travel with my roommate, but she may have to go home soon because of a family emergency). I’m happy to pay for gas and any extra expenses! Please let me know :)

    – Stephanie

  9. 118. Mark  

    I know this may sound petty but I wish at the parade,street festival there would be a special VIP viewing area near the stage considering the price that was paid. I am excited to meet many of the regulars from different parts of the world. Being a Scrantonian my entire life, it will be nice to showcase the city to out of towners. It is a nice city with friendly people. Hope I can show you that.

  10. 117. Laurie  

    Hi Tanster,

    Do you know if we can take folding chairs to the parade? Any Scranton people know the parade route and what might be the best spot to park ourselves?

  11. 116. Dave G  

    Any idea how many VIP tickets were sold?

  12. 115. Laura  

    Just over a week to go!! Since I did not know of the VIP details (including the Friday night party) when I booked my airfare, I will not be getting into Scranton until mid-evening Friday night and not doing the VIP experience. I was hoping my friend would be able to join me for the weekend, but sadly that will not be happening. So if anyone else is coming solo, feel free to shoot me an email at I’m a pretty normal (albeit slightly older-than-average?) Office fan, staying downtown, who would love to meet some new friends. :)

    [ from tanster: i can vouch for laura being normal. :) ]

  13. 114. Greg  

    If it is similar to the convention, the street festival will essentially be the equivalent of one city block shut down with vendors/tables/food/free local stuff/etc. It’s pretty nice and a chance to get a bit of the local flavor of Scranton. There will also be a concert by the Scrantones, with likely guest performances by some of the show’s cast.

    Since that part of the festivities is FREE, there really is no room for anyone to complain if it doesn’t necessarily meet their expectations.

  14. 113. Kevin's Chili Slop  

    Yes, more detail on this street festival (and parade) would be greatly appreciated. Are there going to be vendors? How many? Memorabilia on sale? Seems odd to me to have no details yet so close to the event. Some of us are travelling good distances for this and spending lots of money without having much in the way of details…

    I’m going to be disappointed if I get there and the “street festival” is a couple tables and a karaoke machine. :/

    A Mose kissing booth (fundraiser for rabies?) at the festival would make my attendance entirely worthwhile, of course…

  15. 112. Mark  

    Local Scranton paper is having a look a like contest. I figured all the die hard fans might want to enter. i look like nobody so I am not entering. Good luck.

  16. 111. Sarakaya Komzin  

    Just bought VIP passes. Coming in from Texas! Can’t wait to be surrounded by Office fans.

    Question: The breakfast has been “sold out” for over a week, but my pass says it includes that. So, how will I know if I actually have a ticket for the blogger breakfast?

    [from tanster: the vip pass include the bloggers breakfast!]

  17. 110. Michael  

    Will there be booths or tables with merchandise like shirts or memorabilia?
    I am not sure if i should bring much cash with me.

  18. 109. Dave  

    It’s been announced that The Street Festival will be on the campus of The University Of Scranton. directly up Linden Street from The Lackawanna County Courthouse.
    The same place that they had the outdoor entertainment at The Office Convention.

  19. 108. Jamnicity  

    FYI, for those going to the Q&A–I noticed a discrepancy in the start time for the Writer Q&A between my voucher (says 11:30) and the official website (11:00). I e-mailed the planners of this event and they confirmed that it starts at 11:00.

  20. 107. Joe  

    Is this the complete list of cast members attending, or is it possible there will still be more additions?

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