The Office Wrap Party in Scranton, May 4

The Office Wrap Party May 4

UPDATE: read all my reports here!

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The Office Guest List

Brian Baumgartner (“Kevin Malone”)
Creed Bratton (“Creed Bratton”)
Andy Buckley (“David Wallace”)
Jenna Fischer (“Pam Halpert”)
Kate Flannery (“Meredith Palmer”)
Ellie Kemper (“Erin Hannon”)
John Krasinski (“Jim Halpert”)
Paul Lieberstein (“Toby Flenderson”)
Oscar Nuñez (“Oscar Martinez”)
Craig Robinson (“Darryl Philbin”)
Phyllis Smith (“Phyllis Lapin Vance”)
Rainn Wilson (“Dwight Schrute”)

Greg Daniels (Executive Producer)
Steve Burgess (Producer)
Allison Silverman (Producer/Writer)
Claire Scanlon (Editor/Director)
Phil Shea (Prop Master)
Matt Sohn (Director of Photographer/Director)
The Scrantones (“The Office” theme song)


The VIP package includes tickets to all Saturday events, plus an invitation to a special Friday night kick-off event!
Price: $252 | SOLD OUT

Saturday, May 4 events

8:30am Bloggers’ Breakfast | University of Scranton
A mix and mingle with fellow fans and bloggers.
Price: $7 | SOLD OUT

11am Behind The Scenes Panel | University of Scranton
Q&A with Greg Daniels, Executive Producer of The Office, as well as writers and coordinators.
Price: $12 | Buy tickets

2pm Parade & Street Festival | Downtown Scranton
Special performance by The Scrantones!
Price: Free

7pm Farewell Celebration | PNC Field
Includes cast Q&A, introduction by Executive Producer Greg Daniels, bloopers from the past 9 seasons, and maybe even a sneak peek from the series finale!
Intern Access Seats: $9 | Buy tickets
Assistant to the Regional Manager Seats: $16 | Buy tickets
Regional Manager Seats: $23 | SOLD OUT


  1. I just wish they would have posted about it sooner so people who live further away would have more time to plan a trip there. A month just doesn’t seem like quite enough time.

  2. Oh man! I so want to go, but I just don’t know if it would be feasible since I have two vacations planned in the next two months. You going, Jennie?

    [from tanster: of course i am totally going! c’mon laura, you gotta go! do it!]

  3. Don’t think I’ll be able to make it :(
    But I did go to the Office Convention back in 2007 and it will be something I never forget. The cast and crew who attended were amazing.

  4. I will admit, I just went online to look at airfare.
    ~ Torn in the Twin Cities :)

    [from tanster: yay!]

  5. if airfares are too expensive flying into Scranton Wilkes Barre look for Allentown (1 hour drive) or Newark (2 hour drive) or Philadelphia (2 hour drive). Just trying to help. Hope all who want to come can come.

  6. Oh my goodness. I believe I’m going to be taking a road trip from my home in Toronto to North Carolina from May 4th – 8th. If that’s the case I hope I can make a detour and potentially stop in for this awesome sounding event!

  7. I want to go this SO bad!! I’m trying to find a friend to go with me so I don’t have to travel alone.. this would be such a fun trip!

  8. Hana… where are you coming from? I may be going on my own, but meeting up with some friends there. You’re welcome to join us! We’re all mid-late 20s gals! :)

  9. Wow. I always told myself I’d go if they ever did another convention. I had an awesome time at the first one.

  10. Ah man! If I didn’t already have a Disney cruise booked for May, I would be totally there! My kids wouldn’t have as much fun as I probably would though.

  11. Wow, this sounds amazing – like a condensed version of the convention! But I agree with Denise – the short notice makes it difficult for those of us who would have to travel. I have been thinking about this nonstop since last night, trying to figure something out. Sure would hate to miss it!

    [ from tanster: hope you can come! :) ]

  12. Ain’t no party like a Scranton party !!

    Will definitely be there, driving from Boston. Already booked my hotel this morning.

    Can. Not. Wait.

    [from tanster: awesome, hope to see lots of Tallyheads there!]

  13. Wow I just researched travel expenses for an hour, going to this would cost me 850 dollars. I live in Indiana, and I’m torn that I don’t think I can go.

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