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This posts lists items about the film ‘The Rocker’ starring Rainn Wilson.
It released on Wednesday, August 20, 2008.

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The latest articles about Rainn Wilson in ‘The Rocker,’ plus a game.

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August 17

A bunch of new interviews, plus Rainn’s iTunes playlist:

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August 15

From press release: “Rainn Wilson is the star of The Rocker, and he’s also going to be the next Y-Rock celebrity DJ! Tonight at 8pm, Rainn will be rockin’ out the airwaves of Y-Rock On XPN and playing some of his favorite alternative and indie rock tunes. It’s the Rainn Wilson Radio Takeover — on Philadelphia’s 88.5 XPN and online at YRockOnXPN.org.”

August 11

I just received this email from Rainn Wilson:



Wednesday, August 20th is a truly historic day. It is Estonian Independence day as well as the day when Sting wed his amazing wife, the multi-talented and ravishing Ms. Trudie Styler.

The best way I can think of to celebrate Estonian Independence and/or Sting’s anniversary would be to go out and see my new movie, THE ROCKER which opens on … you guessed it, August 20.

I won’t beg, but I will tell you in all confidence that if the film does not make at least $17.29 million in its first 5 days of release they will never ever ever let me star in a movie again. Ever.

Besides spreading the word to your friends and families and MySpace friends, here are some other helpful Rocker promotional ideas:

  1. Kidnap strangers and force them to buy tickets at gunpoint.
  2. Obtain a grant to round up your cities’ homeless population and bring them to an ‘educational film’ about a former heavy metal drummer pursuing his dream of rock and roll stardom.
  3. Take out a loan and simply purchase EVERY SINGLE AVAILABLE TICKET OF EVERY SHOWING in your area.
  4. Lure strangers into the theatre with the promise of illicit sex and/or drugs.
  5. Tattoo “THE ROCKER, IN THEATERS AUGUST 20” on your forehead.
  6. Sit cross-legged in front of your local mall, douse yourself in kerosene, and threaten to set yourself on fire unless every showing is sold-out and all popcorn is free.
  7. Bakesale!

If you pass this email along to 1800 of your closest friends and family and they pass it to 1800 of their closest friends and family and if everyone who reads this brings 74 people with them to the multi-plex in the first 3 days of release, I have calculated that 1.7 Billion people will see THE ROCKER, making it the 3rd most viewed film in human history.

Also, it’s funny.

Estonia, Sting and I thank you for your time.

Rainn Wilson

Besides sending spam email, Rainn also hijacked Jenna Fischer’s MySpace page today. Is the man completely shameless?

August 5

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July 29

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July 24

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July 20

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July 17

  • Dwight Schrute does the weather on CNN.
  • Rainn’s busy press tour continues with these appearances:
    MTV TRL – Airs live on July 21st
    TODAY SHOW – Airs live on July 22nd
    FOX BUSINESS CHANNEL: HAPPY HOUR – Airs live on July 22nd
    SPIKE: WEEKEND PRE-GAME – Airs on July 24th
    TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO – Airs on July 30th
    CRAIG FERGUSON – Airs on August 1st
    LIVE WITH REGIS AND KELLY – Airs on August 11th
    Schedule may change without notice.

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July 16

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July 15

  • Wed, July 16: Screening of ‘The Rocker’ followed by Q&A session with Rainn Wilson, Atlanta. More info
  • Thu, July 17: Screening of ‘The Rocker’ followed by Q&A session with Rainn Wilson, Miami. If you guys see more info on this, please post a comment!
  • Fan report by Dundie All-Star in Birmingham!

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July 14

  • The release date has moved out from July 30 to August 20.
  • Rainn Wilson will appear for a Q&A following the screening of ‘The Rocker’ tomorrow, July 15 in Philadelphia! He’ll be at the Ritz 5 Theater, 214 Walnut Street, 7:30pm.

July 6

Rainn Wilson will appear in person at a Dallas screening of ‘The Rocker’ on Wednesday, July 9th! For details on how to attend, check out Sonic’s MySpace page.


  1. I saw a free preview of The Rocker, and I’ve gotta say, it is AWESOME. Rainn is unbelievably funny, and the movie had me laughing out loud time and time again. I cannot waaait until it comes out for real so I can see it again.

  2. Wow…a lot of hate comments on the ‘Sasquatch Blog…’ I can tell you that’s why you don’t make Seattle music scenesters angry…we aren’t very forgiving.

  3. I saw a Rocker poster at a movie theater, and I laughed out loud at the Little Rainn on the poster! Can’t wait!

  4. I went to Sasquatch and was wholly surprised to see Rainn up on stage! It was quite a treat and my friends can attest to my spastic “BWAH?” when he showed up.

    I also have two handy “The Rocker” handkerchiefs now, so win-win-win!

  5. That looks pretty funny, actually! I love Christina Applegate. Should be good.

  6. this movie was great!! some great dwight-like moments. i LOLed many times for sure as did the audience.

  7. I caught a free preview last week and laughed so hard!! Rainn is so great in it!! But I have to say, I saw the tiniest bit of Dwight.

  8. The only person that wants to see that naked drummer would probably be Angela. I’m sorry but it’s going to be pretty difficult to separate Rainn from the Office.

  9. I saw the film at a preview screening a couple of weeks ago and I can’t share the enthusiasm, but I can share that in the film, the crack is on full display, unlike in the clip, so…warning.

    Also of interest, the indian guy in the orange shirt in the middle of the clip is the soon to be Office spinoff’s very own, very funny Aziz Ansari.

  10. You know, from time to time I do wonder what certain male cast members of the Office look like in their birthday suits. Not sure if I ever imagined Dwight/Rainn in the buff. Now I won’t have to.

  11. Just got back from a free screening I attended. Rocked my world! Highly Recommended. Can’t wait to see it again.

  12. They have a huge poster at my theater, it made me laugh! Can’t wait!! Go Rainn!!!

  13. Finally, an Office cast member appearing in Dallas! Woo hoo! I’m there.

  14. I’m from Houston and I’m really hoping I can drive up there! It says first come first serve, how early should we get there?

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