1. I am so happy!! I’ve been waiting for months to see these big bold letters on OT to say this! Thanks Tanster for keeping us posted on every single blurb about the strike, and thank you writers for fighting for your rights and setting such an awesome example!

  2. YAY!!!!! I am so happy! I missed you so much Officetally, I almost stopped coming to the website because the banner depressed me.

    Bring on new episodes! Pam and Jim forever!

  3. Omg I’m gonna cry!!! I’m so happy! Congrats writers can’t wait to see everyone on thursdays again!! :)

    And thanks tanster for always keeping us updated during this tough time! We got through it guys! yay :)

  4. Thank goodness! I had my myspace status set to sad because of the strike since November of last year and I swore I would keep it that way until the day it was over! Todays the day! Woo hoo! Thanks for keeping up the site even without new episodes, Tanster! You are an angel!

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