1. As a latina woman with a big can, I found that line to be TOTALLY hilarious! Oh, man… I love Gene and Lee…and Dwight. ;)

  2. I love that Dwight is a Matthew McConaghey fan…so random! Obviously Mose was not quite as impressed.

  3. I have to say, what made me laugh the most was Mose’s hand wave indicating that the Wedding Planner was only so-so.

  4. As someone who is planning her own wedding, this deleted scene made my LIFE. Oh, to have Dwight Schrute helping to plan th biggest day of a girl’s life… Amazing.

    “Just shut up and be delicious” I really, REALLY wish they had kept in the show haha

  5. I LOVED this scene! I think it should have been in the episode…the Dwight and Angela interaction would have provided more of a set up to the wedding at the end, and it wouldn’t have felt that random.

  6. Was someone watching Angela and Dwight in the parking lot? I thought I saw a figure in the corner.

  7. Ohhh this should have been in! just for the “just shut up and be delicious!” also, Mose. he is awesome.

    dwight is a mcconaughey fan?!

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