The ‘Very Special Thursday’ Tally

Unless you’ve been locked in a conference room for the past few months, you know that the eagerly anticipated return of ‘The Office’ happens tonight!

Do you realize the last Season 4 episode, ‘The Deposition,’ aired nearly FIVE MONTHS AGO?! That’s longer than last summer’s hiatus!

Here are a few tidbits to distract you while we count down the hours …

Steve Carell’s pregnancy tips

John Krasinski’s baby talk

There’s also new photos and Q&A at the Adventures with Angela home page!

Older stuff after the jump.

The Office

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  1. I am so excited…It’s like I’m five and it’s Christmas! Finally my Thursdays will be whole again!

  2. So exciting!!!! This is better than the season premiere. Everything feels right again. I think it’s time to make some Office cupcakes again.

  3. Another “Dinner Party” dinner party attendee here! Spent last night doing the stapler-in-Jell-O thing for the centerpiece and will be bringing over some of “Angela’s” double-fudge brownies and other assorted “nifty gifties” for the friends we’re watching with.

    Less than eight hours to go!

  4. woohoo I CANNOT WAIT for tonight! Our floor is having a ‘Passionate about Italian Food’ dinner party tonight as a celebration:)
    Thanks for all of this coverage Tanster, I don’t know what I would without this Office fix everyday!
    And that cake looks delicious!:)

  5. Ooh, spoilers in Kate’s blog!

    Isn’t it ironic that I have to go to a “dinner party” (or rehearsal dinner) of my own tonight that I am trying really really hard to get out of (or get out early from) so I can make it home to watch the show when it airs? Yeah, I’m a bad friend.

  6. I have to say, I was shocked to see that Rashida beat out Jenna in faves for the office. It was obvious that John would win but I thought Steve would be higher on the list too, since he is the star. Weird.

  7. They did a really good job on that cake! The words are perfect and not running into each other. Kudos to them!

  8. We’re having a family “dinner party” too! Kids are dressing up as Michael and Pam, me as Jan of course, dad as Dwight! We’re making a sign that reads “Diner Party” in honor of Phylis’ “Lunch Party” sign. And serving beets, ham and cheese sandwiches, soft pretzels, margaritas, yogurt, and Ice Cream sandwiches. What else am I missing?

  9. It’s raining outside, I have a really boring and frustrating project to do at work (that I’m putting off by refreshing OT every 5 mins), I need more coffee…And then I remember what day it is and in spite of the dreary day, I’m the happiest I’ve been in ages!
    The Office should be used for medicinal purposes to treat depression, seriously you only need half an hour a week minimum. although the side effects should be noted:
    -Dependence has been noted in one hundred percent of Office users.
    -Unexpected decreases in Office availability may occur. In the not-so-rare case of this occurring please have back up DVD’s of season’s 1-3 available.
    -If you experience loss of cable, power outages, or a local news “special report” between the hours of 9pm (8 central)and 9:30 on a Thursday, the makers of the Office cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by your tantrums and or lack of grasp on reality.

  10. My Office night plans consist of dinner at Chili’s with some friends. We will be ordering an Awesome Blossom and Baby Back Ribs(yes, we will sing the song!), and then heading to my Brother’s to watch it on the big screen home theater projector. Nothing is better than life-size Michael Scott making you cringe! :)

    Happy Office Day to all!

  11. A ‘Dinner Party’ dinner party! I’m jealous! That cake is too cool. My ‘dinner party’ will probably consist of me and my dog in front of the TV with a frozen pizza. LOL!

    I can’t believe this day is finally here. “Excited” doesn’t begin to describe how I feel! I’m so glad I have fellow Tallyheads to share in my joy – my family and friends just don’t get it, for some odd reason. ;) SEVEN HOURS!! *silently gives thanks for living in the Eastern time zone*

  12. I’m making soft pretzels from scratch tonight in honour of The Office coming back! So excited!

  13. Ah… what’s that I hear? Oh yeah, that’s the sound of the universe being aligned as one, or what I like to refer to it as The Office returning. LOL.

    My Dad and I plan to watch it tonight together, playing “Spot the Fetus” and we have been sending each other text messages of our favorite quotes every hour on the hour until the premiere. Also, during the strike, I got a new HDTV. 42”, I think… so yeah, this is my first official new episode of the Office in HD.

    Exciting? No… this is emotionally magnificent!

  14. My cable has been pretty spotty off and on…but of all days, today there is NO PICTURE on NBC! Oh noooooo….!

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