The Weekend Tally

Two weeks of Office News Buildup. Oops.

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  1. “Wait for Me”..what a lovely video. And the two articles about JK, he seems like a wonderfully, level-headed, thoughtful and gracious young man. Makes me like him that much more.

  2. John K., the new Fletch?! I thought I couldn’t love anyone else more in the role than Zach Braff, but I LOVE this. How perfect! Hope it’s not just a rumor.

  3. The “Stretchy-shrinky thingie” has been around for years, just not on the NBC store page. It is a Hoberman “mini-sphere” in the “rainbow” color-scheme. I have one on my desk too. :) And just a bit of trivia – in the first season they also used a Hoberman mini-sphere, but it was the “rings” color-scheme. Slightly different.

    It’s so sad that I know that.

  4. Pam Pong is now one of my favorite songs and the fan video was wonderful the perfect JAM video.

  5. Thank you so much for these lists…love the Time video and I know I would never find tidbits like this on my own. Great job Tanster!

  6. Yeah, I used to have one of those “stretchy, shrinky things”, but I haven’t been able to find it since I have moved. :( Hopefully it’ll turn up someday! I know when it does, I’ll have one of those Darryl moments in the warehouse. :)
    And oh yeah… That Office Convention Website is kinda driving me nuts. I’m kind of glad I’m not able to go because if I have reserved a hotel room or bought plane tickets and by this time there’s still hardly any info., I’d be even more peeved. Cuz I mean, people don’t even know how much these tickets are. They could be up to $100 or more! If I go to one of these conventions, it’ll probably be in the future because maybe things’ll be better sorted out then. And I mean, it’s only 3 1/2 months are so away. Not that much time.

  7. Love the video! How sweet.

    This site really does rock. I never have to worry if I missed anything on my favorite show and cast – and you have things on this list that I wouldn’t even think of looking for. Awesome job, tanster.

  8. I couldn’t download “pam pong” I think they got rid of that option…how sad.

  9. Anybody catch Ricky Gervais on The Concert For Diana? He was absolutely hilarious.

  10. Whoa!

    Time (Wait for Me) that’s my fanvid up there!

    Wow! It feels so surreal to see it up there on Officetally! I don’t know what to say, I feel honored. Thank you so much, thank you Tanster. Hope everyone liked it. Thank you.

  11. Question… I clicked a couple people forward in the EW Top 100 and for Kristen Wiig it says:

    “NEXT …and play John C. Reilly’s wife in Walk Hard (December).”

    But, Jenna Fischer is in that role. What’s this about?

  12. 13) the great

    I saw Ricky Gervais and nearly died when Gareth came out with the guitar and they sang Free Love on the Free Love Highway. I was at the gym and nearly fell off the treadmill, I was laughing so hard. That’s one of my favorite moments from the British version!

    I was wondering if we would ever have an opportunity like that in the states where Michael and Dwight could reprise “Teach Your Children” from “Take Your Daughter to Work Day.”

  13. Augustine….thanks to your video the Time song was in my head all weekend. I checked for it on iTunes and couldn’t find it….anyone know who sings it?

  14. Ya, my Pam Pong video made it to OfficeTally! Thanks everyone (especially Sweet Diss and the Comebacks for writing the song :) )

    Augustine, congrats on a fantastic job on “Time.”

  15. I’ve had major doubts since I heard they were making a new Fletch movie, but maybe John Krasinksi could pull it off. I think Jason Lee would be a good pick, too.
    I loved Jenna and Angela’s updated blogs. Wow, Angela is a true friend. It was so moving to hear how much she helped Jenna through that tough time.

    Cardigan?(#19)- “Time” is by a Canadian singer named Chantal Kreviazuk.

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