The Weekend Tally

Holy cow, the Tally runneth over this week, because I’m still catching up from last week …

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  1. Does the obsessed fan remind anyone else of Richard Kind from Mad About You? That scene in Charlotte’s Web is sad. Thanks a lot for reminding me about it.

    The new banner rocks Allison!

  2. Anyone else find that “open letter” to be a wee bit condescending? I’m sure he meant well, but I highly doubt any of the cast members or writers actually need that kind of advice. They’re not amateurs.

  3. Wow that Obsessed fan video is hilarious! That dude is funny. And I LOVE that he mentioned that scene in Charlotte’s Web, it’s one of the saddest.

  4. The guy that made the Obsessed Fan is nalts. He’s hilarious and puts out a lot of videos. A lot of them have his kids in them who happen to be cute as hell.

  5. I love Mindy’s interview. She’s awesome and always has something funny to say. I just love her!

    Rainn’s baby picture in that interview is adorable!

    That obsessed fan vid was great! I hope some of the cast takes a look at it.

  6. I love the banner! And the Deal or No Deal girls were really great; especially the one who played Michael.

  7. #3 – I actually really liked that letter. I often fear that someone like Steve or John or Rainn will want to leave the show to star in movies. It’s happened in other shows…it can certainly happen on The Office. Fortunately, I think the cast is a particularly well-rounded, down-to-earth bunch of individuals, and I would be shocked if this actually ever happens.

    Also, I’m the tipster on the Steve Carell American Way interview. I went on a trip to Atlanta a couple of weeks ago and took a copy from each of the four planes I flew on! You’re allowed to keep those, right? :)

  8. The Deal or No Deal clip was hard to watch. Michael with massive lips!? GAH! Although Dwight was funny and everyone’s timing was pretty good.

  9. That invitation video is aMAZing. All of the inside jokes and tidbits about the actors (I mean, BJ’s cream egg obsession? Wow.) really good.

    I have to say though, I didn’t really like the obsessed fan because he dissed Melora and BJ. Not cool, man. Not cool.

  10. That invitation video was pretty cool. Congrats on a good job Scranton, and good luck getting the entire cast and crew there.

  11. I was the tipster on the open letter, and I respectfully disagree with TT.

    I thought the letter was well thought out. Mr. Levine is obviously a fan:” guess is you know and intend to avoid most of this stuff already…but it never hurts to have a reminder. And I offer these selfishly. I love your show. I don’t want to see anything screw it up.”

    And did you read his credentials? He’s a TV writer.
    Ken has worked on MASH, CHEERS, FRASIER, THE SIMPSONS, WINGS, EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND, BECKER, DHARMA & GREG, and has co-created his own series including ALMOST PERFECT starring Nancy Travis.

    And he wraps up with:’Have another undefeated season!’

    Nothing wrong with a little preventative medicine from a voice with experience.

  12. The invitation video was amazing! Congratulations Scranton on a cool job, and thanks once more to The Office for being the kind of show that inspires that kind of dedication :)

  13. I adore Julie Elgar’s blogs. Her blog was the inspiration for my employment law presentation last year. I used clips from “Email Surveillance”, “Sexual Harassment”, “Diversity Day” and “Gay Witch Hunt”. I got an A and my professor asked to borrow my Office DVDs!

  14. While Ken Levine’s open letter is sincere and a good reminder to the cast, I disagree with some of his points. He tells the cast.. “these people who love you? They love you in context. They love the character, not you. And to that end” Which I think is untrue for many fans of the Office. This show is unique in a way. Many cast members have myspaces as themselves, not their characters. Personally, while I like the characters, I also like the cast and crew. I like Pam, but I also like Jenna Fischer…and I know the 2 are different.
    And as for the “never think you can write the show better than the writers”, I think that having actors that have been involved in improv makes this show different. The Office tends to embrace the ad-libbed lines and moments. And since many cast members are also writers, I’m sure they have respect for the writing.
    I don’t know, he had some good points, but I think The Office differs a little from Fraiser or Friends. I could just be a biased fan.

  15. 186,000 for an ad? That’s up there for all tv shows. Grey’s Anatomy ads are ridiculously overpriced seeing as CSI gets a lot more viewers this year.

    The invitation from Scranton was cute.

  16. The two interviews with Steve Carell were so great! I especially loved the one from American Way mag…he seems like such a real person and his fame hasn’t gone to his head. He’s just the best. :)

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