There is no episode of The Office tonight, but …

A reminder that there is no new episode of ‘The Office’ tonight, due to the vice presidential debate.

That doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun, though. Stay tuned …


  1. What?!? Uggg. This totally ruined my day. I was looking forward to this all week:( I can’t even vote yet.

  2. ah i just realized that about an hour ago!!! :(
    can’t wait to see what fun is in store for us though :)

  3. As a political science major (and history minor), I don’t think I have ever disliked politics so much before!

  4. That is so maddening! They get us all excited from last week, and then they take it away? Lord, Beer me strength…to wait another week.

  5. Man, I didn’t know about this until a few hours ago, too. I knew the VP debate was tonight, but since I’m on the West Coast, I didn’t realize it would conflict with The Office.

  6. I thoroughly hate politics right now. I’ll be staying tuned, watching my favorite episodes from Season 4 over and over again, and pretending that NBC doesn’t hate millions of viewers.

  7. In light of the fact that:

    a)I can’t view ANY of the NBC videos(i.e. no Mindy interview, no deleted scenes – that tip doesn’t work for me), and
    b) There is no Office episode to look forward to today…

    I could totally use some funtivities right about now!

  8. nooo I have been thinking all day that there was a new episode!!!!!!! gahh that’s the worst, esp. since i live in canada, so…yeah. dang it! but I agree, funtivities would def. help :)

  9. Thank God for DVR’s. I’ve watched “Weight Loss” at least 10 times now. lol I will stay tuned. Tanster never disappoints. ;)

  10. Whether they show the episode or not, I’m going to write in “Michael Scott” and “Dwight Shrute” on my absentee ballot, so they might as well just show the episode.

    (Kidding, I vote, but I wish they’d show The Office instead! Pam is Jimgaged!)

  11. Emma, so true. And think of how amazing it would be if the debate was Schrute v. Biden.

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