Times-Tribune visits Office set

SPOILER WARNING! The article and subsequent comments will contain spoilers.

The Scranton Times-Tribune has a great report of their visit to The Office set — including video and photos!

Soon after finishing his scene with Mr. Helms, Mr. Wilson is trading dialogue with Ms. Kinsey. During their brief, slightly creepy exchange, Dwight asks Angela how he looks.

“Like Sean Hannity,” she says adoringly, referring to the conservative Fox News pundit. It’s a funny line, but the writers want her to put an alternate spin on it. Minutes later, she does a take substituting Mr. Hannity with another right-wing god, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

One take ends with Mr. Wilson cracking up. “She (Ms. Kinsey) rubbed her boobs on the door jamb,” he says. “They made a sound.”

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