1. If Packer gets Dwight’s desk? Oh boy, Jim and Pam are going to be in hell. This situation better not last for more than one episode.

  2. Todd Packer is my least favorite character on this show! I hope this isn’t the start of more frequent appearances for him!

  3. I agree with SmallTown…. I really do hope Packer rubs Jim the wrong way and he has to put his foot down or something! I love Jim when he’s out of his element.

  4. @SmallTown – I’m wondering if he’ll harrass Holly and Michael will finally see him in a different, realistic light.

  5. Am I the only one who genuinely dislikes Todd Packer? I’ve never found him even remotely funny, just annoying. Would really like to see him leave for good.

  6. Sorry, but I love Todd Packer. Koechner brings pitch perfect jackassery. I will be bummed if Holly comes between Michael and another source of fun for him.

    [from tanster: pitch perfect jackassery. nicely said!]

  7. Todd Packer is someone I never have a desire to see again. I’d rather see Karen back around on a regular basis than see much of Packer in any way, shape or form.

  8. Packer isn’t my favorite, but he makes for funny situations with the cast as a whole.

    “We can’t just sit around waiting for Creed to die.”

  9. Who has two thumbs and LOVES Todd Packer?
    I DO!
    I am really excited that he is going to be back. Everything he says and does makes me laugh. I hope he ends up staying for awhile.

  10. I also agree with Small Town and Glasses, Jim has been kind of pathetic lately so it would be nice redemption to see him tell off Packer. Not only would he defend Pam, but he’d defend himself for the years of crap Todd Packer has given him.

  11. #8 Tiffany I totally agree with you. Packer brings the perfect blend of douchebaggery and Jackassery. I love how uncomfortable he makes Jim. Like Charles Miner, he has the ability to unsettle Jim to hilarious effect.
    I hope he becomes a regular, and creates chaos wherever he goes:)

  12. Agree with Tiffany @8.

    What makes Packer so great, is he has no filter, like Michael Scott. However, Packer’s lines are more hardcore, which I love.

    The writers have always come up with amazing lines for Packer to say and Koechner delivers them so well.

    Sooooooooo looking forward to this episode.

  13. I’m beginning to wonder if this might be the end of Packer’s run on the show. Think about it: Michael is beginning (in some ways) to mature. He’s realizing things he hadn’t previously. If Packer begins rubbing people like Holly the wrong way, Michael might wake up to the fact that “he’s a jerk.” Will he get fired/let go? Who knows?

    Also looking forward to how the rest of the office reacts to his presence (i.e. Jim an Pam).

  14. Oh gosh I’m glad I’m not the only one who HATES Todd Packer. He is not funny at all.. I mean yeah he has his moments, but honestly, he’s more annoying than funny. This better be a one-episode thing and I hope they get rid of him for good.

  15. The payoff for this new seating arrangement could be great. Especially if it involves Jim standing up for himself and Pam in a much stronger way. Plus, it is hilarious when they’re all so uncomfortable. I’m in.

  16. I love that Holly hates him! and I’m sooo hoping that he hits on her so Michael can finally learn to hate him too! But I predict this episode will be great! Koechner will bring the awesome, and he will bring the EPIC!

  17. Not a huge Todd Packer fan, but I will say he was in arguably, one of the funniest moments from the office. When he gives Michael the nod to say “that’s what she said” right after Michael had sworn of that’s what she said jokes. My favorite Michael Scott laugh by far!

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