Tori’s Review: Ben Franklin

When I clicked off my TV after Thursday’s “The Office,” I heard rumbling in the stillness of night. Rumbling that sounded a lot like people throwing Dwight bobbleheads at their televisions.

But I’m here to say there is no reason to be upset, because from office, to warehouse, to Bob Vance Refrigeration, love is in the air at our favorite Scranton business park.

It’s six days before Phyllis’ wedding; time for a bridal luncheon for the girls, and a manly-meat BBQ for the boys. What could ruin such good clean fun? Why, Todd Packer, of course! Finger sandwiches and card games turned into rubber appendages, strippers and the creepiest historical lesson ever. (But it was worth it just to hear Meredith say, “Shut up, Angela!”)

But that isn’t why you are upset, is it? Admit it; you kind of like strippers and you were curious about Ben’s panties.

You’re upset because Pam just couldn’t get the words out.

Not with Jim and not with Karen. She tried to feel him out but I think, “Karen and I have been up talking” sounded like “I found a copy of the Kama Sutra. We’re on page 71. You thought I was going to say 69? Nooo. We’re waaay past that.” The girl got flustered and turned into a jumbled mess of, “sleeping … better than not.” Poor Pam. Not talking … better than.

Now, let’s go back to “Ben Frisky” and the man-meat laden bachelor party. It may only take a little bit of Pack-man to make Michael lose his mind, but it also only takes a little bit for him to revert back to the scared boy he is. Actually, it takes one half of a lap dance. He truly felt like he had done something terrible. Jan is the closest he’s ever had to an adult relationship and he is terrified to lose her. “I’m closer to firing you.” Luckily, the same stripper who got him in trouble showed him how to get out of trouble, and Michael will be able to embarrass Jan for at least another episode.

As creepy as Benny was, I enjoyed watching the girls play with the man who proved lightning wasn’t God’s “angry-face.” Karen and Pam are a good team when it doesn’t have to do with Jim. But it does have to do with Jim, and again Pam lost her ability to form a sentence that made sense.

Give the girl a break — she found out Jim told his new girlfriend about their kiss. About the one moment in time they were honest with each other. And he said it was nothing. We’ve all been there. When words start tumbling out of your mouth and you have no idea what you’re saying because you only hear sirens in your head. I have faith Pam is going to find her voice. I just hope it won’t be to say, “I object!” at Jim and Karen’s wedding. (I kid.)

I think we learned two very important lessons this week; Ben Franklin never deserved to be President, and strippers give great … advice. “Secret secrets are no fun. Secret secrets hurt someone.”

When we see the gang next, it will be the big day! Phyllis and Bob’s wedding. Weddings are always a nice setting to try and sneak a dance with someone you love. Of course, they can also be a place to get drunk and start throwing cake. We’ll see how it goes down.

Until next time, remember; just twist your hand until … something breaks. Oh yeah, and life is precious.

Tori Weber is a Web Producer and writer for a television news station in Orlando, FL. Writing keeps her sane, and ice cream makes her happy. Dogs are good too. Visit her here.