Tori’s Review: Fun Run

There were a few ways I thought Season 4 of The Office might begin; Michael hitting the “face of rabies” with his car was not one of them. Just one of the reasons to love this show.

Fun Run starts with Michael and Jan in domestic bliss, and Jim and Pam not dating. What the …?

Oh, wait; things might not be what they seem …

After a series of unfortunate events that start with Pam downloading porn, and end with the death of Angela’s cat, Michael decides the reason he ran over Meredith has nothing to do with him being a jackass, but instead a curse — from Satan … and Toby.

Even though Michael is so good at making people want to leave him on the side of the road and never look back, the idea that anyone would be upset with him makes him crazy. Meredith was not quick to accept the apology he never gave her, so he did what any mediocre manager would do; he deflected blame.

Once he realized Dwight exposed Meredith to rabies before he hit her, he was again lifted up and the Michael Scott D.M.S.M.P.M.C. Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race (don’t hang up) for the Cure was born.

As self-involved as Michael is, when Pam mentions Angela’s cat died, he knows the cat is named Sprinkles. I love how they give us these small hints Michael sometimes pays attention to the world around him. Of course, he turned her pain into something all about him, but he did know the cat’s name. One small step for mankind.

I’m interested to see where Sprinkles’ death will take Dwangela this season. Angela put the most important thing in her life in Dwight’s hands … and he put it in the freezer. A relationship doesn’t just bounce back from that. I believe these characters are meant to be together, mostly because everyone else thinks they are insane, but I want to see Dwight work for it.

So while most of the office was running for no reason, we finally got what we’ve been waiting for; flirty and dating Jim and Pam! Karen was so pissed off, Jim dumped her; she took her computer and telephone with her when she left. That’s a hurt woman, right there. I’m happy PB&J were outed to us in the first episode because 1) Greg Daniels doesn’t have to put up that electric fence, and 2) we’ll finally get to see little glimpses of what this couple can be without obstacles. I haven’t been so excited over hand-holding since the 7th grade.

Pam’s new look, bolder attitude, and curiosity about celebrity sex are all adorable. Her necklace, which used to be a pony (I think), is even now a butterfly. Cute metaphor. I know a pony isn’t a cocoon, but a cocoon would make a crappy necklace. These continued changes show she is now in a relationship where she can be herself, instead of hiding behind someone else.

It’ll be great to see Jim and Pam work together again to make Dwight’s life miserable and keep Michael alive. On the commentary for Season 3’s Safety Training, someone said Michael is like Jim and Pam’s child. You see pieces of that in this episode. Good parents keep their kids out of trouble, inevitably they see them naked, admittedly they rarely hire them a stripper, but they certainly never leave them by the side of the road.

Jim and Pam gave Michael the little boost he needed to finish a race and then watched him throw up.

That’s unconditional love.

Tori Weber is a Web Producer and writer for a television news station in Orlando, FL. Writing keeps her sane, and ice cream makes her happy. Dogs are good too. Visit her here.


  1. Tori, I don’t know if you remember my comment on MySpace, but I’ve seriously missed you reviews. They’re so funny and usually always spot on with what I’m thinking! Glad to see “you’re back” and this was great as usual :) and I noticed the telephone/computer thing too and found it hilarious for some reason!

  2. Another good thing about the new season starting? New re-caps by Tori and Wendy! Great job here, Tori. I love that you brought in the comments from the commentary for Safety Training about Jim and Pam being like Michael’s parents. That was a perfect description of the relationship between the three of them and it was nice to see it in play here again at the kick off of season 4.

  3. I still haven’t had the time to listen to the commentaries on the Season 3 DVD yet, but that comparison is really cute.

    Jim and Pam having a kid already? Too cute.

  4. Awesome review Tori!! I’m so glad The Office has started back! There couldn’t have been a better opener for the season. I totally missed Pam’s necklace. It’s definitely the small things that make this show so great…well, and the big things too haha! 2 Kudos to you!! :)

  5. hahaha. I didnt even notice that Karen’s empty desk was literally empty of all things; including the computer and phone! Nice catch and lovely review!

  6. I agree, I was also VERY excited to see Jim and Pam hold hands. I thought it was the sweetest thing! I would also like to see Dwight work for his and Angela’s relationship, he owes Angela big time! Although, I’m not sure how he is going to make up for sticking her cat in the freezer.

  7. Great review. I too was moved to find out that Michael knew Sprinkles’ name. That’s part of what made him such a good salesman…he picks up on small but important personal details in people’s lives that others dismiss. Unfortunately, that ability tends to muddle your thinking when you’re trying to be a manager…

  8. This review was awesome. Its so true, the whole Pam/Jim = Parents to Michael. I did however enjoy when Pam quickly confirmed she was INDEED downloading celebrity pornography. Beyond adorable. I love Jenna.

  9. Pam’s old necklace was even better than a pony: it was a unicorn, a fantasy pony that could never be, no matter hard you wished for it. (Not that wishing for a pony ever did *me* any good, but it was theoretically possible.)

    The butterfly is extra-meaningful, then.

  10. Another great review. Thanks, Tori. Love that you catch details like the butterfly necklace. I can’t wait to see the episode again so that I can look for that too.

  11. Tori: thank you for getting it! For some reason, I’m seeing a Dwight/Angela/Andy love triangle coming. Any thoughts?

    AP and Snarky New Beesley: I think it was implied that Pam accidently downloaded the celebrity sex tape. Like she clicked on a link or a spam mail out of curiosity and then it was downloaded. The IT Tech said something about how she shouldn’t click on Internet offers that she hadn’t requested (meaning she hadn’t sought it out) and Pam finally said “It all happened so fast.” To me, that doesn’t imply that she was just sitting around wanting to look at and download porn all day. In the context that she was being teased by Jim for clicking on a link and accidently buying a sex tape, which does sound like a backwards thing Pam would do in her awkwardness, it was kind of cute.

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