Tori’s Review: The Deposition

Last night’s episode of “The Office” marked an important moment in history.

It’s a moment I never thought I would see. When it was over, I was sad — but also proud.

Last night, Michael Scott had a moment of clarity and did the right thing.

“The Deposition” started with Michael and Jan’s road trip to New York so Michael could testify in Jan’s unlawful termination case.

This was definitely one of my favorite episodes of the season.

I love how much this show can make me laugh, but I sometimes feel Michael can be crazy to the point that I don’t like him. I need one of these episodes every so often to reset things. To remember that behind his mania and enormous sense of self, Michael is just a sad, sweet, possibly bisexual guy who wants to be loved. Plain and simple.

I enjoy laughing at that guy too.

Jan should have realized her deposition was going to be a disaster when Michael had to come up with an acronym to remember one word. But, when four million dollars is at stake, people will do crazy things, and even involve Michael.

Two parts of the deposition scenes were my favorite; the stenographer’s account of Michael’s bathroom trips, and Toby getting his lunch pushed to the floor. While I am still not happy with Toby for withholding Jim and Pam’s love contract, I thought it was sweet he tried to reach out to Michael. Hopefully next time, he will remember to have a firm grip on anything loose around him.

Jan is right. I bet Michael is above average at a few things — but lying is not one of them.

The truth is, what Jan said in her performance review was absolutely correct, and deep down Michael knew it, just like he knew he would have had no business in Ryan’s position. TWSS. Michael had to choose between his two favorite things: Dunder Mifflin and the twins. In the end, he took the one he probably has the longest future with. Good for him.

Kelly’s smack-talk was some of the funniest stuff this season. Over the years, Pam has made an effort to be friends with Kelly, but no matter what, Kelly will always be jealous of her.

I liked how feisty Pam got over someone talking bad about Jim, and I loved hearing him called her “boyfriend.” In the past, she probably didn’t have much of a defense when someone trash-talked her man, “What drinks too much, and left you at a hockey game?” Yeah … that was Roy.

Jim tried his hardest to defend his lady’s honor, but Darryl is still a way better ping-pong player, and Jim’s okay with that. He got out of most of a day’s work. Score!

The truth is, while Jim might be a floppy haired girl, and Darryl isn’t a bad guy, Jim will probably always be a better boyfriend to Pam than Darryl is to Kelly, and Kelly knows that. That’s all the trash talk Pam needs.

Kelly can save it for Michael when he gets back from New York …

“What has two fake boobs, but not 4 million dollars?” Yeah … that is Jan.

See you again on the other side of this strike.

A big thank you to writers, cast, and crew.

In solidarity!

Tori Weber is a Web Producer and writer for a television news station in Orlando, FL. Writing keeps her sane, and ice cream makes her happy. Dogs are good too. Visit her here.