Tori’s Review: The Negotiation

“I’m gonna kill Jim Halpert.”

Five long Thursdays to think about that statement. Would Roy tackle him? Would Pam warn Jim? Would she cry over his broken body and confess her love? Hell, no. This is not Friday Night Lights. Before Roy could get in one punch, Dwight took him down with an impressive amount of pepper spray.

Back on the comedy track.

While we laughed, I think it was a rough weekend for our Dunder Mifflin buddies. Pam pondered life choices, Roy looked for a new job, and Michael bought a woman’s suit.

Unfortunately, there’s no Wikipedia advice about negotiating a raise while wearing boot cut pants with a hint of stretch to the material. Darryl caught on to Michael’s faux pas and wouldn’t let go. I really enjoy these two characters together, and it was great to see them finally share a storyline.

Darryl’s a no-nonsense guy. He wanted a raise — he asked for it. Michael would be such a better human being if he absorbed a little of this quality. Instead, his ridiculous tactics to not talk about money only resulted in him handing over his measly pay stub for scrutiny — and pictures.

Again, Darryl stepped up and decided it was time for Michael to “get out there and earn, son.” They packed up Toby, who sadly chose a hammering over Kelly and Ryan, and set out to show Jan that Michael wears her pants. Did I get that wrong?

The rest of the office dealt with the (almost) fight of the century! Pam didn’t want to talk about it, but Angela couldn’t get enough of the sordid details. I wish every episode could be forty minutes if it meant we’d get more insight into the bizarre mind of Angela Martin.

Jim tried to find a way to thank Dwight, but all he had to do was — nothing. Forget keeping the secret. Dwight doesn’t care if his and Angela’s relationship is out. The real “thank you” is that finally after more than year, Dwight probably got to third base. It is cute and gross at the same time.

As much as I’m not convinced Roy would go from, “I’m gonna kill Jim Halpert” to “You’re not going to try to go out with him?” in less than a week, I am happy to see Roy leave on a decent note. He is an oblivious oaf, but I have always felt he loved Pam. It’s sad when even he can see she is too chicken to go after what she wants.

I know, I know, I was the one who got up here a few weeks ago and went on about Pam’s big “Oprah moment.” I stand by it. Girlfriend’s just taking longer than I thought. But she did spend ten years in a relationship that probably ended at five, and she’s probably hated her job since about week three. She’s not moving fast, but she’s moving.

And Jim’s not making it easy for her. I know he still loves her, I’m just not so sure he likes her very much right now. She has let him down too many times. Pam is going to have to step up to convince him she is ready for anything more.

In the end, with the help of Jan, Michael learned a little bit of Darryl’s character. When you want something — ask for it. Hell, ask for more than you think you will get. Just ask for it.

Now I just hope some of that will rub off on Pam.


Tori Weber is a Web Producer and writer for a television news station in Orlando, FL. Writing keeps her sane, and ice cream makes her happy. Dogs are good too. Visit her here.