TV Guide interviews Greg Daniels

Greg Daniels talks to TV Guide about the success of the show: At the recent TV-critics press tour, we heard a lot of producers reacting to what’s said about their shows on the Web. There is a lot of online chatting about your show. Does it make producers crazy after a while?

Daniels: The people online are usually real purists. They often support the creator on the more creative decisions over the business-y decisions, I think. Anytime I get any piece of information, I pick and choose whether it supports what I want. The same with the executives — if an executive doesn’t like a show, and they do focus-group testing, they’re going to say, “These guys didn’t like it.” But the focus group is usually [made up of] people who aren’t into the stuff. They are grabbed out of a mall. But the online community is the focus-group viewer you’d love to have. Everybody is super into the show.

Sign me up for any focus group. Any time.

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