TV Squad visits Office set

Friday, October 27th, 2006 | 51 comments


TV Squad has posted some fantastic photos from the set of The Office, such as this one of Pam’s desk:

The Office Set Photo Pam's Desk

Jump to TV Squad Visits the Set of The Office.

What interesting details do you notice in the photos? Add a comment and share your observations …

P.S. Photo posted here with permission from TV Squad. Thanks, TV Squad!


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  1. 51. Leigh  

    yeah, i was wondering what that is too. is there a name for it?

  2. 50. Elizabeth  

    What is the thing with the orange base in the center of the photo?

  3. 49. Adriana  

    I also really like the quote on the huge Dunder Mifflin notepad/messageboard under the keyboard.

    “Can you hear
    they talk about us
    telling lies,
    well that’s
    a surprise”

  4. 48. Adriana  

    If you look at this image (thank you Scott!), you’ll see the area code “818” on the towing sign. Area code 818 is in the San Fernando Valley.

  5. 47. Chelsea  

    The picture was a gift from Jim. In the bottom it says from Jim. Apparently they are on speaking terms in future episodes. This just adds to the proof that Jim comes back Nov. `6

  6. 46. Scott  

    Full size pics *cough* *cough*

  7. 45. Samuel L Chang  

    I think that it was nickels in the headset, not quarters. Hey, they also gave Dwight a bag of nickels when they put his stuff into the vending machine. Recurring theme?

    Is Flenderson short for Florence Henderson?

    Happy Halloween and Happy Diwali, all! I can’t wait for this Thursday, but I REALLY can’t wait until next Thursday!

  8. 44. Meredith  

    Wow, you guys are so perceptive, but why did you have to give away the info on the close-ups? I would have liked to see those, but oh well. I’m ecstatic about the upcoming episodes. Of course Stamford will merge with Scranton… And i hope Jim gets his old desk back so he can see Pam… How exciting! :)

  9. 43. lis  

    So, does this mean that Karen will be added to the ‘Phyllis/Stanley’ desk group…and Jim will be added to the ‘Ryan/Dwight’ desk group (with his back facing Pam)?

    Where do we think Andy will fit into the mix?

  10. 42. Andy  

    *cough*karenhasacactus*hmmm* Josh did you hear what I said?

  11. 41. Veronica  

    please Lis just say it…

  12. 40. Lauren  

    I am confused to where the cactus is. Could someone please point it out to me? Also I liked Michael’s hand granade Have A Complaint Take A Number thing. It was so funny

  13. 39. Lis  

    Manda, I want to tell you whose cactus that is, but I’m scared I’ll get yelled at for spoiling. Am I allowed to say here where I’ve seen the cactus? I don’t want to ruin anyone’s fun.

  14. 38. Denise (ddker)  

    I still see all of the pictures there. At least I see all of them that were there last night.

  15. 37. Manda  

    Someone please tell me whose desk the cactus has been spotted on! I don’t remember!!!!!

  16. 36. LittleTuna  

    MMM. Gertrude Hawk Chocolate! Well worth jamming your arm into a vending machine to steal. Creed.

    They’re AMAZING.

  17. 35. Chelsea  

    If it goes by what happened on the British version, Jan will be promoted to partner and Josh will take over Jan’s job. There was a downsizing scare for the home team in that one too, because Michael’s equivelent almost got Jan’s job, but then it fell through.

    Any way they handle it, I think we can all agree that there’s no way in hell we’re losing Scranton. Stamford is going to Scranton any way you look at it.

  18. 34. tanster  

    Yes the binders from left to right are:

    Customer Sabotage
    Customer Service Reps
    Cheap Stuff From China
    Foreign Customer Reps
    Blacklisted & Disgruntled Former Employees

  19. 33. Girasol  

    I think that last binder says “Blacklisted and Disgruntled Former Employees”. Haha!

    Great link! :]

  20. 32. Greg Peterson  

    Looks like his name IS Flenderson…

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