Two down, one to go

The Office has one more chance to win an Emmy tonight, and that is for Outstanding Comedy Series. Nominees:

  • Arrested Development
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • The Office
  • Scrubs
  • Two And A Half Men

I am too shocked to say anything else at the moment.


  1. We know it’s the best show! Steve is the best comedic actor on tv too. That will help me sleep better tonight…

  2. I know, I am so shocked too and ticked. I can’t believe that Steve Carell lost to that Monk guy. Gesshh…well, I hope that The Office wins for best comedy series. Keep your fingers crossed, there is still hope!! :D

  3. If your going to lose it’s good to lose against Tony Shalhoub. Could have been Charlie Sheen. How crappy would that have been?

  4. I am stunned…absolutely stunned. I love Tony Shaloub and think he is brilliant as Monk, but he has won twice! It was Carell’s year, damn it! :-(

  5. I’m so sad. It was supposed to be Steve’s year, but like Nathan said at least he lost to someone like Tony Shaloub. We’ll just have to shake it off. There’s still best comedy.

  6. I could tell from the applause every time The Office came up, there was a lot of sentiment for it, there’s no real accounting for the voters.

  7. I am in shocked that Steve didn’t win. Of course, WE know he’s the best comedic actor, but it would be great to have it validated in front of everyone else. But we’ve still got Best Comedy(crossing fingers).

  8. My confidence about The Office winning has been completely shot after that travesty. At least Greg Garcia (I think?) who won the writing Emmy had an awesome acceptance speech.

    But I’m less confident now, because in this category there are actually worthy opponents. Well, there were a couple worthy opponents going against Steve… but neither of them won either.

  9. I’m rooting but the cynic in me thinks it’ll either go to Arrested Development as a farewell gift, or Curb Your Enthusiasm as a “safe” non-network choice. If Scrubs or Two and a Half Men gets it I will eat a shirt. :)

  10. I’m surprised “My name is Earl” isn’t on that list. Interesting. Hope They win! If they do I may just have to scream and wake my parents. Of course, that would not be a great idea…

  11. Was that John Krasinski doing the voiceover for the commercial they just showed during the Emmys? It really sounded like him.

  12. Fmunkey, haha, I’d have to scream to if The Office wins…i’d run through my house and attempt to do a cartwheel, haha. And yeah, I’m actully glad My Name Is Earl isn’t on that list cause I’m guessing that would be more competition for The Office. Anyhoo, i so hope they win, they all deserve it.

  13. yeah, I was wondering about the ask commercial too. It kinda made me confused until I decided i didnt care if it wasnt, I will still think its him.

  14. Oh i know, that was hilarious when Conan dropped out of that vent from the ceiling!! Haha!! Did you see the look on Dwight’s face, hahaha??

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