1. well done Dalton… well done…

    btw. just so you know… you were probably the highlight of the faculty lounge’s lunch that day. lol

  2. Haha! Nice. If I showed that to my parents I think they would just start laughing. That is hilarious!

  3. Speaking from a middle school teacher’s POV, I would’ve written him up too. Sorry, it’s zero tolerance in my district. TWSS is not as prevalent as it was a couple of years ago. I used to hear TWSS at least once a period. I taught PE. If balls are involved TWSS followed. Of course I hear things that are much worse, but not a TWSS in the whole school year. It’s like TWSS is entering the “oldie but goody” category.


    You couldn’t have asked for a better setup for the joke. In fact, if my child came home from school and told me someone in his class got punished for a TWSS, I’d ground my kid for not making the joke first.

  5. Yeaaaa, if I ever have kids and one of em comes home with a detention slip because of that…kid’s gettin’ a high-five.

  6. Sorry, people, gotta side with leonora on this one.
    This happened in a school, not an office full of adults with an inappropriate boss. I wouldn’t have written the kid up, but I would have shut him down immediately and made him apologize.

    Oooh! New Office PSA!

    Michael: “Saying ‘That’s what she said’ may be totally hilarious in just about EVERY situation, but I have learned that there are a few times when it is not cool. Not around ministers. Not around kids. Not around your grandma. They wouldn’t get it anyway.”
    [Insert shooting star and “The More You Know” music]

    Or was that one already made? I forget. :-)

  7. This teacher has taken a life. The life of the party. Dalten, you get extra lunch time today in my book!

  8. Haha that’s hilarious! I’m in high school and say twss on a daily basis, but never get in trouble. I think it’s subtle to the point where you can pass it off to be in reference something else, but obvious enought to be funny. Nice job Dalton!

  9. I am a middle school teacher and my students say that quote all the time. I would never give them a detention for it. Have a sense of humor already! There are far worse things they can be saying and doing these days that would warrant a detention. Give me a break.

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