1. Why are Jim, Dwight, and Michael all dressed up as warehouse guys?? And Karen discovering Jim in disguise? Wow. I’m so confused. More spoilers please!!

  2. The Moustache has me very worried. It’s so sitcomy; I hope they manage to integrate it with the tradition of “The Office” that we’re all so used to.

  3. That’s the side of my head!!!! I’m the contest winner who was on set that episode! This is quite exciting!

  4. When I click on the video there’s just an ad for a local business. Is there another way to see it?

  5. #28 – CH: Boy, my thoughts exactly. If the writers and actors can make something fresh out of what seems like a dopey stunt Greg, Peter or Michael Brady might have pulled circa 1971, then they deserve the “genius” moniker that gets tossed around the Office boards so easily. This clip makes me wince and I sure hope the actual show redeems the dumb vibe that I am currently getting from the Jim-stache scene. Maybe it’s an anti-spoiler – like an outtake from the execrable “License to Wed.” Wishful thinking.

  6. Yes! I live there, that’s my news station’s website… I’m beyond happy right now. I feel like one of those lucky Scrantonites.

  7. 35: Try restarting the video (bring it back to the start,) let the little advertisement play through and wait and few seconds. Hopefully the clip will load after that. I had the same problem but I fooled around with it and it worked.

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