Vote for Jenna Fischer’s blog at MSNBC!

Let’s rally, Tallyheads, and vote for Jenna Fischer’s blog as MSNBC’s Most Entertaining Celebrity Blog!

Links: Vote for Jenna’s blog here | Read Jenna’s blog here

Tipster: vanfan14

5:07pm PT: 54%.

2:24pm PT: 46%. Unstoppable.

11:06am PT: 24%.

10:33am PT: 18% and in FIRST PLACE! Keep going! Let’s win BIG!

10:24am PT: 16% and tied for first place! Keep voting!

10:11am PT: 13%! Go fans go!

9:52am PT: She’s currently in second place with 9.2% of the votes; I know we can get her over the top!