Vote for The Office!

There is currently one poll that needs Tallyhead Nation to get out and vote:

E!’s Watch With Kristin ‘TV’s Top Couple’ poll

  • Competing: The Office’s Jim and Pam
  • Currently up against: Chuck’s Chuck and Sarah
  • March 19 status: we’re behind, Jim and Pam 44.5% vs. Chuck and Sarah 55.5%.
  • Link: VOTE HERE, this round ends TODAY!

Vote now, vote often. Just one more round to make it to the finals!

Tipster: Jana


  1. Just checked a moment ago

    Jam: 50.1%
    Will and Emma: 49.9%

    Go JAM!

    [from tanster: good job, tallyheads! keep it going. we need a big lead before we can rest!]

  2. Just voted for them. They’re a way better couple than Will and Emma. And now it’s

    Jim and Pam: 51.1%
    Will and Emma: 49.9%

  3. I think I just boosted jim and pam up 0.02% from how many times I voted. Really glad we’re in the lead. Keep it up, tallyheads!

  4. I’d like to see us get to 75%. Keep going, you guys!

    I am voting like crazy right now.

    Good thing to do while watching the Oscars. :)

  5. 49.5% Will & Emma
    50.5% Jim & Pam

    Just voted now..keep up the good work OfficeTally family! :)

  6. Voted! They’re still in the lead.
    I really hope they don’t get beaten out by a Glee couple!

  7. You’re kidding me. They’re making me choose between Luke/Lorelai and Ten/Rose?!?!?!?!

    Fortunately, W/E vs. JAM is an easy one. Yes, W/E is sweet, but JAM was the ORIGINAL workplace center of cuteness. JAM FTW!

  8. How is this even a close race? That’s insane. I hope it doesn’t come down to JAM vs. Mulder and Scully though. That would be really hard (TWSS) to pick. And no Sam and Diane from Cheers or the Huxtables? (sorry, that’s non-Office-related, but it’s still just wrong).

  9. 47.0% Will & Emma, Glee
    53.0% Jim & Pam, The Office

    as of 11:15 pm central time!!!
    LET’S GO JAM!!!!

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