Vote for The Office in NBC’s "Best of" polls

The Office has been included in a bunch of NBC’s "Best of 06" polls:

  • Category: Best Viral Video
    Nominees: “April Fool’s Day” PSAs, Lazy Scranton
  • Category: Best Cliffhanger — WINNER
    Nominee: Jim and Pam’s Kiss
  • Category: Best Guest Appearance — WINNER
    Nominee: Ed Helms
  • Category: Best Online Exclusive — WINNER
    Nominee: Office Webisodes
  • Category: Best Rivals — WINNER
    Nominee: Jim and Dwight
  • Category: Best Duo
    Nominee: Michael and Dwight
  • Category: Best Battle
    Nominee: Pam vs. Karen
  • Category: Best Kiss — WINNER
    Nominees: Pam and Jim, Michael and Oscar
  • Category: Couple Who Should Be Together — WINNER
    Nominees: Pam and Jim, Dwight and Angela
  • Category: Couple Who Should Never Have Been Together — WINNER
    Nominee: Pam and Roy
  • Category: Saddest Farewell
    Nominee: Jim moves to Stamford

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Tipster: Damian