Wanna star in seat18b’s latest video?

seat18b, The Office fan video creator of vid hits such as It’s Getting Hot In Here and Kevin Malone: Nobody Does It Better, is creating an “Office Fandom Documentary” for her class project:

I’m taking a documentary film class this quarter, my first film class ever (whoot, whoot!) and for my final project one of the options is to make an actual documentary! … So I decided … to do a documentary about the office fandom!

That’s where you guys come in. I was wondering how many of you out there would be willing to film about ten maybe fifteen minutes of footage of yourself answering various questions (like a talking head from the office!) and showing your dunderiffic self. You would then send it to me and I would edit your answers with other dunderheads and come up with a short documentary about the office fandom and the relationship between television and the internet.

The deadline to get your video to her is next Tuesday, May 7th, so get on it!

Links: More about the documentary project | Sample videos