1. For the record, this is the same syndication plan as the one they made for Seinfeld in the later years. Unfortunately, that means a lot of newbie fans, but fans in general is good.

    Wow, this means the Office will be on nearly at primetime everyday. For me, it’s on at 7:30PM on Fox. I hate Fox, but at least they were good to Seinfeld. Unfortunately, syndicated versions of shows always have that watered down VHS look to them, I hate that also. Hopefully this will help the Office last longer for new seasons. Luckily, I’ll never have to watch the Office in sucky syndicated quality, because I have my DVDs, which look great even on my Blu-ray player.

  2. This makes me really happy. I will love being able to watch episodes every day. The 1 night a week setup on TBS is just not good enough IMO.

  3. For my fellow Nashvillians, it’s on on the CW at 10 and 10:30 pm. I keep seeing commercials for it and it makes me smile!

  4. Saw commercials about this on my local Fox station, kind of bummed actually because it will be replacing Family Guy. I already watch Office a lot, it’s about the only time I caught Family Guy.

  5. It would be on Fox for me too, but I’d rather have it on The CW, where Family Guy is syndicated, then I’d have 2 of my favorite shows on the same channel!

  6. They’re replacing Family Guy in the 6:30 slot on our local Fox station. Which I guess is good since Family Guy really shouldn’t be on when kids could be watching, but at the same time I liked being able to watch it on my dinner break at work. But now I get even MORE Office in my life!

  7. I get TWO shows a day, 7 and 7:30! I’ve been squealing over the promos on my local channel for two months now. If TBS continues its reruns (anyone know how that works?) that means, come September, I get 13 Offices a week!! :) I mean.. I have the DVDs, but.. hooray!

  8. This is the best news I’ve heard all day!
    It’s on UPN 57 here in Philly, Pa @ 7:30 and 11pm

  9. FINALLY! i am a huge fan of the office, but share the dvds with my sister who is away at college so i don’t really get to watch it much. this makes it way easier and will help me on other days of the week beside tuesdays and thursdays.

  10. Heck yeah! 6 and 6:30. Guess I know what I will be watching during dinner time. Heck with the local news.

  11. Hey. This is really confusing me. I live about 20 miles away from Washington DC, so does that mean that I would use that channel or a different one. Can someone help me please. I would love to watch it pretty much every night as I am one of the biggest fans possible.

  12. YESSS! 7:30 PM [When I come home from work and eat dinner] and 11:00 PM [when i’m watching TV before bed]


  13. I remember hearing about the show getting syndicated back in 2006 or 2007 and they said “September 2009” and that felt so, so far away. Weird.

  14. Sweet! Twice a night! But 10 and 12:30am for San Antonio? Wow, kinda late. All well, my DVR is going to be full.

  15. It’s only on once here in my market (Grand Rapids, MI) at 11 p.m. on the local ABC affiliate.

    I noticed that the call sign for the Cedar Rapids, Iowa market is KEVN. :)

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