Watch ‘The Office’ five times a week

Saturday, September 19th, 2009 | 63 comments


The Office Five Times A Week

REMINDER: “The Office” debuts in national syndication on local broadcast stations starting tomorrow, September 21.

Go to The Office Five Times A Week website to find your local station.

Tipster: Zac

Here is the press release and a couple of promo clips.

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  1. 63. alex  

    The Office is on quite a few channels lately and thankfully it’s knocking stupid Family Guy off some of the local channels. I love being able to watch an episode or two every night but I hope it doesn’t oversaturate to the point that everyone hates it.

  2. 62. Mike  

    I love the office. I watch it 3 times a day sometimes more when tbs will air it on primetime. The only thing that bothers me about the syndication is the scenes that are edited or cut out completely. On my local fox station I’ve watched episodes where a small scene or talking head was cut, but the tbs version will show the same episode and without the cuts. It makes me wonder how many episode’s that I’ve watched on fox syndicated have been edited and cut. How many scenes have I missed that I didn’t realize were cut.

  3. 61. Dennis  

    it’s on MY13 every night at 7:30 PM

  4. 60. tentojuan  

    Hey! I saw today that my local station is now broadcasting the show in HD! It used to be letterboxed, but now it’s in full glorious HD! I’ll update if it changes :D

  5. 59. Dirk  

    Another weird syndication edit comes from The Fire. They bleep Michael saying “effin” when he tells Ryan he is “so effin smart”.

  6. 58. Dwight Kurt Shrute  

    Yes, I noticed that to. In CT, on channel 11 it shows, and TBS every night they show it. Why would they be allowed to say bitch but not “bone”?
    Also……is Dwight a republican?

  7. 57. Jimmy  

    It’s 2009, and we’re bleeping “boner”. Wow.

  8. 56. tentojuan  

    They showed Email surveillance around 2 days ago, and my heart broke when they bleeped packer’s “What has two thumbs and loves bangin’ your mom” (something like that I can’t remember and michael’s “the only thing I’m worried about is…gettin’ a boner”, where “Boner” was bleeped :'( any other noticeable edits?

  9. 55. melsfoffice  

    Isn’t it GREAT is it to see The Office on TV 5 nights a week?

    My daughter didn’t see what the big deal was…”But you have it all on DVD!” she said. I guess she didn’t get that for me, being able to tune to our local channel any day and have a random episode on for me is almost better than owning it! Love it…never get tired of it.

  10. 54. Colin  

    Everyone may want to check their listings, because it’s on here in Denver on weekends too. They’re airing it on Saturday at 6:30 and Sunday at 10 and they’re starting in the middle of season four.

  11. 53. laura  

    Where I am, they showed “Health Care” and “The Coup” tonight. I was extremely excited when they played that Season 1 classic!!

  12. 52. Sara  

    The Kansas City station seems to be doing it differently from everyone else. The early showing is Season 3 and the late showing is Season 1.

  13. 51. DC  

    #49 We have the same schedule here. The early showing is Season 1 and the late showing S3.

  14. 50. tentojuan  

    The pilot was first yesterday, it was edited for time I guess, then it was the gay witch hunt, today it was diversity day and the convention

  15. 49. Lisa  

    Here in Indy, they show it twice. The first airing is during “family time”, which is when they aired the pilot. The second airing is after prime time, which is when they aired “Gay Witch Hunt”. I also was expecting “Diversity Day” or the pilot again, at the later airtime. I didn’t realize they had a couple of different seasons going at once.

  16. 48. PretzelDay  

    I got the pilot here in Chicago!

  17. 47. Tiffany  

    I’m in the middle of a marathon and I’m so loving this trip back to the past. Diwali… Branch Closing… heaven! Good good times.

  18. 46. Dirk  

    We got the pilot here in Canada. Don’t know why some of you guys got Gay Witch Hunt.

  19. 45. Sarah  

    MYTV showed the Pilot 1st last night, then Gay Witch Hunt, so it’s doing season 1 and season 3… Diversity Day was tonight. My fav all time!

  20. 44. StephanieM  

    Here in the Seattle area (on CW 11 I believe) it is showing at 7:00 and 7:30. Last night the pilot was on at 7 and Gay Witch Hunt was on at 7:30. I looked at the menu to see what would be on tonight, and it was the second episode of season 1 at 7, and the second episode of season 3 at 7:30.

    Since some areas are only getting one episode each night, I’m thinking they must have had to start two separate strings of episodes, otherwise those areas would only get to see every other episode.Unfortunately, it sounds like some of the places that are only showing some episodes each night picked up on the season 3 string instead of season 1, which would be confusing for new viewers.

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