Watch tonight’s Office!

Yeah, I know tonight’s episode of ‘The Office’ is a rerun.

But … rumor has it that a new Dunder Mifflin Infinity promo launches tonight during the show. And if you’re a DMI employee, who knows who you might recognize in it!

Update: East Coast Tallyheads also report a new cold open AND a new tag! Ya gotta watch now … (don’t read the comments if you don’t want to be spoiled)

Links: Cold Open | Tag | Promo NEW

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  1. Ok call me crazy but have we ever seen the cold open in tonight’s episode??? I think I would have remembered Toby making out with someone right in front of reception……

  2. Ok… that first scene with Toby and his girlfriend, the cold open, how come I don’t remember that from the hour long? Was it in the original?

  3. Oh no – I missed the beginning with the new cold open! I should have known to never miss The Office even when it’s a repeat! I hope someone gets it up on YouTube soon (hint, hint). :)

  4. Oh my god! Matt, Matt… I saw Matt on the new Dunder Mifflin commercial… yay Racine. Actually I think I saw Kenoz too. So cool!

  5. Oh how I wish I could reach my DVR from my desk at work…

    I agree with a youtube posting…prettiest please?

  6. New cold open? How the hell am I supposed to watch the season premiere of Lost when TO has a new cold open?

    Damn you, Office!

  7. Ok the ending was new too!! What the heck?? I was not prepared for a new cold open and ending! What a nice surprise!!!

  8. I am so glad I made my regular Thursday night visit here. I can’t wait to see the new cold open!

  9. Cold open: Jim is leaning against reception talking to Pam. Toby comes in with his new girlfriend, introduces her to everyone, then makes out with her in front of reception. The girlfriend looks a little freaked and so do Pam & Jim. Then Pam says something to Toby about his PDA memo….that’s all I can remember, I was just so shocked to be seeing something new!

    Ending: Ryan is sitting on Jim’s desk trying to convince Jim that New York is awesome. Jim isn’t having it…

  10. oh my god, WHY does my tivo record 5 minutes after the cold open this ONE TIME?!
    please please, somebody youtube it!!!

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