1. a. the beard is hot. of course my husband has a beard so i am partial but…. the beard is hot.
    b. “i have 4 assistants crawling around on their knees handing me sushi” why are you so funny? so bearded, hot and funny?

  2. Very cute…but Kristin is highly annoying. Can’t she think of any good questions?

  3. How did I catch this so fast?!?

    I love how John totally keeps up with the interviewer. Sometimes he even gets ahead of them. Good job Rainn and Kevin! The Office and the Apprentice, how would that be?!

  4. John is even cooler with that beard! I thought he would get all weird and dark with it, but instead he’s even funnier (and hotter!) !

  5. ugh… her flirting with jkras is literally unwatchable. i was squirming for him! ick!!!!!!

  6. And it’s official…I am in love with John Krasinski, mountain man beard and all. I’m actually eager to see the porn star beard. :)

  7. shrute to kill! the thought of dwight going around the soviet union as a hired assassin actually sounds pretty great.

  8. She is just BLATANTLY flirting with John. Awkward… *said in a high, sing-songy voice*

  9. Great stuff. John is so great in interviews. So charming and funny. Rainn makes me melt, I swear. Forget John, please bring me ‘Schrute to Kill’.

    The premiere cannot get here fast enough… on second thought, it could take longer. I don’t want the season to end!!!

  10. Love, love, love John Krasinski. I hope they don’t incorporate the beard into the show though!! :)

  11. I can’t wait for “Schrute to Kill”!
    And come on, “JKras” with a beard? Do you even have to ask?

    Also, I like Kristin, she seems like she really is a fan of the show!

  12. does anyone know who the guy is that was lurking behind john?.. his agent? brother?…

    p.s. i loved that john and brian were just cracking up when rainn was interviewing trump.

  13. was that paul lieberstein with glasses in the right corner during rainn and brian’s interview?

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